5 Types of Indoor Gardening: A Garden Decor Guide

In this ever happening world, we are always on to something. We keep ourselves busy the maximum of the time and forget to breathe. Our lifestyles can lead to hazardous mental health issues. These anxious minds need something to find solace. 

Everyone has their own ways to pause their zooming lives. It has been proved that Gardening can be quite therapeutic. Picking up home gardening can help you. Beautifully set up your porch or even a small section in the living room with some plants. Many studies suggest that having plants around helps with a healthy lifestyle. Plants purify your indoor atmosphere, they help to reduce your fatigue. In fact, they also influence your concentration. Overall, maintaining a miniature garden indoors will positively affect your well-being.  

Now that we know certain pros about gardening we should begin with the designing part of it. Let’s get started on the blueprint of your upcoming garden. Setting up a green station is not rocket science, it’s pretty simple! All you need to do is figure out what type of indoor garden you want, what gardening tools you will be needing, and how you will decorate it. 

Don’t fuss, we have fashioned the perfect manual for you. Below are a few types of indoor gardens and the details about how to build them: 

Kitchen Garden

Usually, a kitchen garden needs a suitable plot size. But these days people have started sowing little herbs indoors, also known as organic gardening. It’s like a kitchen garden replica. To set up a kitchen garden you need to find a spot that receives a lot of sunlight and has a bit of open space. You can consider your kitchen window sill for an instance. There are so many things that you can plant. Cherry tomatoes, herbs, and microgreens are a few examples. Make sure that your cute little space looks decked up. Use pretty planters for your plantlets. Take a look at these Diy Microgreens Growing Kit from our website The June Shop.

Terrace Garden:

The terrace is the area above your roof. Many people who don’t have a lawn resort to terrace gardening. The terrace is a bigger space. It is best for people who want to pursue indoor gardening but on a slightly larger scale. Terrace gardening is not very difficult. You have an open space & ample amounts of sunlight. To accentuate your terrace garden you can add a little cacti rack. Get a medium-sized rack and set up planters with different types of cactus. Check out these adorable gardening pots and some Textured Planters for some gardening ideas:

Balcony Garden:

Plants on your balcony look so beautiful. Your balcony is a huge part of home gardening. There are so many things you can incorporate. Having beautiful ivy and colourful Bougainvillea flowing outside of your balcony brings such a medowy vibe to your apartment or house. Embellish your garden with alluring flowers. Decorate with planters and stools. Since balconies are often adjacent to your room you can add vibrant doormats or bed runners to funk it up! You will love this Leaves Print Anti-Slip bed runner

Vertical Garden:

This type of indoor garden is one of the most hassle-free ones. Vertical gardens are as their name suggests vertical. They are usually mounted on a wall. This is a great take on indoor gardening for people who don’t have much space to have a full-fledged garden. To craft this plant station all you need is a wall-mounted rack, maybe some hooks to hang planters. We have exactly what you need. Some Macrame pot holders and organizers and adorable hooks to suspend your saplings!

Office Garden:

Plants are so important for your workspace. As we discussed earlier, plants help you de-stress. Therefore we need plants in our offices to enliven the place. The most helpful gardening tip for your office is to stick to succulents and low-maintenance plants. You can keep a few mini planters on your desk itself. Further, you can decorate the corners of your office with tall planters. Or, to notch it up you can mount little vases to your surfaces or walls. These few gardening ideas will turn your office into a whole new comfy place. This Wall Mounted Modern Planter is one of our favourites. 

A few basic Gardening Hacks:

  • Get your hands on good fertilizers in order to provide your plants with some nourishment.
  • Get good gardening tools to maintain your garden.
  • Invest in a gardening spray bottle to spray water and also insect repellents.
  • Periodically trim the variegated leaves of your plants to keep them fresh.

We hope this blog assists you on your new gardening journey!

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