Bad People (Drinking Game)

Rs. 1,199 Rs. 1,399

Product Description:

The game may cause laughter, tears, and irreparable damage to friendship and self-esteem.

How to play:
Is it possible to secretly run an ice lab?
If we are all free riders, who will be the last person to be arrested?
Is it possible to join a cult organization?
Is it possible to sleep with their cousin?
Whose funeral will attend at least?
Plus... many savage problems we can't even write in the description;
In each round, one person reads out the question card aloud to everyone. Then all players vote for the player that fits the problem.
The goal of each round is to vote for you, because you think the problem card reader will vote for you, not necessarily the one you choose.
Every time you answer 1 point, if you have confidence in your vote, there is a great double card. The first one to 7 points to win!

Country Of Origin : China

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