Pincer Ball Shaped Stainless-Steel Loose-Leaf Tea Infuser/Strainer with Squeeze Handle l Super Fine Mesh l (5 cm) (Small)

Rs. 169 Rs. 299

Product Description:

EcoBuddy ball strainer adds an old-world charm to your cup of tea. It is perfect for brewing cup of tea. Experience a cup of tea like it was meant to be. Handy & convenient infuser with handle to steep loose tea.
Perfect Tea Infuser for Brewing Black, Green, Oolong, White Tea, Chai Tea and Herbal Tea, Mulling Spices.
Made from rust free stainless steel with diameter of 5 cm, Size: 15 X 4.5 X 4.5 cm.
HOW TO USE: Squeeze Handle to Open Ball-End of Pincer. Scoop Desired Quantity of Tea Leaves into the Ball. Close Ball-End of Pincer and Place Inside a Teacup. Add Recently Boiled Water Over It and Allows Leaves to Steep. When Tea is Ready, Remove Pincer and Keep Aside. Clean Out Contents to Reuse.
A Convenient Infuser to Give You the Perfect Tea Brew without a Teapot, EcoBuddy Strainer is Easy to Use and Practical. The Stainless-Steel Mesh makes it easy to re-steep and Clean Afterwards.

Country of Origin: India

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