Compact Lens Care Kit With Mirror

Rs. 199 Rs. 249

Product Description:

While travelling it is a pain for people to manage their lenses. There is a solution to your problem. These cute, adorable kit for lens care come in two lens boxes for each lens a lens tool and a mirror. The kit is compact and comes in amazing print to protect the condition of your lenses. They have cartoon print on the top which adds more to their cuteness. These are extremely suitable for you to carry outdoor and take minimal space in your bags. It could be a unique gift for your friend. The solution bottle could be use to carry the lens solution, the compact style and cap protection ensures no leakage. The mirror gives you better space to help you in applying your lenses. Get these for yourself now and make travelling worry free.

Product Specifications:

Qty: 1pcs
Length: 7.5cm 
Width: 2.5cm
Country Of Origin : China

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