Lavender Soap Bar - Summer Fling Popsicle (Valentine's Day Edition)

Rs. 300 Rs. 400

Product Description:

This vibrant  lavender popsicle soap bar takes you back to those fun summer days you wish you could relive. Each of these artisan luxury soaps are freshly handmade with natural ingredients, essential oils, fragrances and food colors making them gentle and nourishing to the skin as well as aesthetically appealing. These soaps contain goat milk which moisturizes your skin and relieves it from dryness and itchiness.

Note: The ribbon will be of the brand and not the one in the image.

    Product Specification:

    Material: Goat Milk Base, Lavender oil and fragrance. SLS and Paraben Free

    Weight: 80 gms

    Shelf Life: 6 Months

    Country Of Origin: India

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