Mandala Happy Hoop

Rs. 1,299 Rs. 1,499

Mandala Happy Hoop:

Mandala at its best! These 100% handmade products enhanced by the intricate detailing done on it, is definitely creativity at its best and the beauty lies in the way the artist has spread the happy feeling through this form of art.
Mandala's form a mood, a mood of joy, a feeling of being connected as the patterns of focus and provide direction to welcome well being and happiness. They develop the calmness needed to hustle your head and heart.
Happy Hoops - as being happy never goes out of style. happy hoops brings a rainbow of joy, colors, positivity, hope, enthusiasm, calmness and inspiration. A spectrum so divine that it immediately makes you fall in love with this one and creates a special place in your heart!

Product Specifications:

Material: 100 % handmade and cotton fabric used
Dimensions: 6inch diameter

Disclaimer: These are 100 % handmade . Little variations in color and print are bound to happen and that is what makes it unique.

*The product would be delivered in 10-15 business days.

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