Multi - Utility Eye Glass Cleaner

Rs. 199 Rs. 399

Product Description:

Our eyes are our most important assets and we need to take care of them. The sunglasses we wear help us to protect them from the sun and the normal glasses which our ophthalmologists advice us to wear. It’s very important that we keep our glasses dust and dirt free. We got these multi-utility eye glass cleaner which is a must have for you. It has two accessible sites, one site comes with a brush with fine bristles which are gentle on glasses and help in removing the dirt and dust from the glasses, gently. The other site offers you two directional mopping device which makes cleaning the glasses faster, as it offers you inward and outward cleaning, simultaneously. For extra protection it also comes in with caps and it’s easy to carry too. The modest and the sleek design are amazing and make it look very quirky and classy. Add this to your essential list and always see dust free.

Country Of Origin : China

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