Noice Lapel Pin

Rs. 299 Rs. 399

Product Description:

We understand the likes and dislikes of the youth and the new generation, so here we are with our new lapel pin which says ‘NOICE’. This lapel pin is manufactured especially for Brooklyn99 lovers. It is exactly what it means. ‘Noice’ is something so brilliant that it exceeds the requirement for ‘nice’ and so is this stunning and quirky lapel pin.


These pins are specially hand carved , painted and hand cut by the karigars of India. As a result, we provide the utmost quality in Brooches or Lapel pins.  These then go for the process of gold or nickel plating.

These have a strong butterfly pin or a brooch pin behind the base which helps it stand while wearing it. It does not damage any surface on which you pin it on.

These pins come in a special envelope packaging! The packaging makes it very attractive for gifting purpose. 

Product Specification:

Material: Brass

Dimensions: 3*0.3*3 IN

Weight: 10 Gram

Quantity: 1 pc

Country Of Origin : India

 *The product would be delivered in 10-15 business days.

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