5 Styling Tips for Necklaces to Up Your Fashion Game: A Necklace Guide

Fashion is a big part of your self-expression. It means you have autonomy on how ever you want to portray yourself. Your outfits depend on your personality, mood, etc. When you curate an outfit what are the things that you incorporate? Shirts, t-shirts, pants or skirts, dresses, and obviously accessories. Accessories add finishing touches to your outfit. Even though we know that accessories are so crucial we end up ignoring them. To an extent we still add earrings but avoid the rest. It is because we are afraid that we might overdo it.

Necklaces are something that complete your fit. Add dainty chains or chunky neck pieces to suit your ensemble. However, selecting the right ones can be a task. We bring you a list to tips according to various types of outfits that will surely help you in the process

Basic Outfits:

Basic fits give out a very chill vibe. We usually select them when we want to be super casual. These outfits fall under neutral tones such as white, black and nudes. To suit this colour palette, you’d require accessories that are quite subtle. Fine jewellery is the way to go for such outfits. Enhance your look with small pendants and cute chains. Our range of new releases will help you find the correct piece for you. 

Statement Outfits:

Statement outfits can be so tricky. Since the fit is already quite exquisite, finding appropriate neck pieces is difficult. Be it western or Indian, heavy outfits can confuse you. For such situations you need to focus on what you want to highlight. When looking for proper necklaces you should keep in mind that it should complement the colour of your costume, the neckline and if it’s Indian then you should consider the details and Zari work as well. We recommend our evil eye pendant as it is the perfect example.


Bohemian outfits:

Flowy dresses, prints and patterns, that’s what we are looking at! Bohemian fits are extremely fun to play with. The balloon sleeves, amazing necklines, drawstrings and pretty backs. They bring out the gypsy in you. It's almost impossible to ignore all of that. Pair them with chic chains and necklaces. The necklace should match the avant-garde vibe. Be experimental with it. look for complimenting colours or tones that suit your attire. Our shopping platform The June shop has something just right for you.


Formal outfits:

“Simplicity is the keynote of all the true elegance” swear by these words said by the Coco Channel. When designing your formal wear, you should keep in mind that less is more. Look for necklaces that are minimalistic and elegant. Your formal wear most probably involves shirts & blouses thereby delicate pieces are perfect for your neck. Our personal favourite is Elegant Infinity Necklace.


Gold & Silver Toned:

Necklaces usually come in two tones, gold & silver. It is important to consider the plating on the necklace. You need to decide that according to your outfit. Mixing and matching is an excellent idea when you want to try something completely different. Gold and silver mixed up together bring out a modern twist to your outfit.

If you were to look at these tips because you need a few gifting ideas then you can also view our entire range of necklaces and chains.


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