5 Things that Will Help You to Stay Consistent with Your Goal

Getting fit, pursuing that degree, finding the job you would love to go to every morning, buying an apartment or a car, we all have a long list of goals like these. If you are lucky enough you might have achieved some of your goals till now. But if you are the other part of the crowd, still figuring out how to take the first step towards your goal, then there’s no need to sulk anymore, we have an amazing master plan.

It's a fresh start and you shouldn't give up on the hope to start a better life. We all have things we wanted to achieve for a long time. Well, this is your year to be a go-getter. Our planner is here to make sure you stay right on track.

Create a “realistic” routine that is doable. Try to stick by it, even if you miss it, be easy on yourself, take a breather. You are not Sophia after all!

Jokes apart, adapting to a new routine and habit might sound super exciting but adhering to it is tough. Initially, you start strong, but it is almost inevitable to lose touch after some time. The motivation starts to wear down after a few weeks, this is where you need an intervention. Here are a few ways you can weave a successful roadmap toward your goal.

  • 1. Vision Board

  • How about glancing at your goals every day? Sounds enticing, right? That’s the whole idea of a vision board. Create a vivid mind map with images, colours, and meaningful visuals on the page designated as a vision board and manifest your goals. It will keep you on track and motivated. (Pro Tip: Make a collage of the images on your phone and get it printed so that you can daily look at it in your planner)

  • 2. Track Your Progress

  • Penning down your goals is not the end of your job. Tracking your progress is also part of the process. It helps to visualise your progress and keep you motivated. On the habit tracker and the quarterly goal-checking space, you can record your progress. If you are into journaling you can record your daily progress there. This will help you to assess where you are, how much effort you need to put in and where you need to be before you record your progress the next time.

  • 3. Dedicate Yourself To Achieve Your Goals

  • Here’s a bitter truth of life: you will never achieve a goal without committing yourself fully to the goal. But first, commit to your mental and physical health. Meditating, glancing at the vision board, your progress and weekly goals will help you hit a sixer. Keep going, glance over the daily progress, and you will notice where you want to put in more effort and work according to it. 

  • 4. Celebrate Your Small Wins

  • Work Work Work and no party makes life dull. Take out time to celebrate every small success of all your goals. It is quite impossible to be persistent towards your goal without rewarding yourself once in a while. Have you noticed that it is the small wins that make us smile more frequently than the big ones? And when you start rejoicing in these small wins you stay motivated and focused on your goals. And it helps you boost your confidence and consistency toward your big goals. Moreover, it gives you the push to achieve more.

  • 5. Keep A Positive Mindset

  • Yes, it sounds cliche, but it's the most powerful thing you can do to stay persistent toward your goals. It also helps you stay mentally and physically fit. Self-affirming mantras and songs can help think positive even in the hardest parts of achieving your goals. This is why we have included space for a letter from loved ones, Spotify scanners for some motivating songs, Ikigai, bucket list and travel checklist, etc in the planner.

    Concluding Thoughts

    If you are still getting distracted after following everything here, relax, it's fine! Distraction is inevitable no matter how focused you are. Just make sure you are not losing sight of the bigger picture. Always have a visual of what lies at the end of the line. This will keep you going and all your efforts will drive you to your goals. You might face hundreds of struggles today but they will never be bigger than your dreams. Keep dreaming, keep planning, be consistent and you will make all your dreams come true.

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