7 Ways to Stay Organised

Pull a Monica Geller and build some mind-blowing organisational skills. Developing a good organisational skill set will put an end to many of your problems. Here are a few ways to up your organisational skills.

1. Try Not To Multitask

Let’s face it, people, we are not our laptops or smartphones that we will multitask like a pro. We need to start believing in the ‘one thing at a time' mantra. This not only helps us refine the quality of our work but reduces our stress load.

2. Organise & Declutter Your Workspace

Thanks to the wave of work from home, we now know the immense importance an organised work or study space holds. Thus, organising the space you study or work in is always a great idea. To organise you might have to declutter your space and have to let go of things you barely need.

3. Schedule Your Breaks

Multitasking and running between jobs might give you the illusion of being a workaholic, but it is inefficacious. Stretch a little for 15 mins after you have been in meetings, working at your desk, or staring at a computer for 2 hours. These 15 minutes are not a waste of time but the perfect element for your brain to rejuvenate.

4. Mindful Money Management

Going all YOLO mode is amazing but it is not worth going bankrupt. Thus, scanning your savings or current accounts at times is important. It will let you have an overview of how much you have spent the previous day and help you control overspending. It is important to be a mindful shopper so that you do not end up with bankruptcy and unwanted things in your home.

5. Pick Out Clothes for Tomorrow

Not every morning you will get time to play Poo. There‘s no time as important as the mornings you rush to school, college, event or work. Thus, laying your clothes out every night before will save you the time of ruffling through your wardrobe. You will not have to worry about what goes with what.

6. Practice To Be Accountable

Holding yourself accountable for the things you have done helps you improve your progress. When you evaluate your progress you will include different ways to better your performance in your to-do list. This can be done with your co-workers, where you give feedback on each other.

7. Track Your Time

There’s nothing more effective than tracking your time. When you track how much time you are spending on each task, you will be able to delegate your time better. A time-keeping application can help you in this case. You will be putting in more time for the things that are of more priority to you.

Concluding Thoughts

All of these things can make you feel always motivated but yet you might feel a lack of willpower. But that can happen for various reasons. It is not just about wanting or not wanting to do something. It is about whether you can resist the temptation to achieve a long-term goal. Self-control and willpower go hand in hand. But both skills can be developed and worked on. After all, it is all about how much you want to meet the end goal. 

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