8 Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

There's a saying that goes “Every space should feel like an oasis”. Decorating the place where you spend most of your time is considered quite therapeutic, be it your home or office. While designing our spaces we often forget about small places or corners. These corners are a key to enliven your den. 

Your cosy corner should be filled with your personality, it should cater to certain aesthetics, and also feel comfy and cosy. The idea is to fashion a spot in which you would love to spend your time. We have curated a list of 8 must have home decor products that are sure to add a touch of comfort and aesthetics to any cosy corner. 

Stool & Tables:

A good seating area is a must when we set up our corner. You can always put up a comfy chair or some furniture that matches with your vibe. It’s always a good idea to invest in a good chair because we think it’s like a main course for your design. However, to complete your cosy setup, small stools or tables will be perfect. Adding poufs and ottomans will act as a garnishing. These can be very handy if you need extra seating or want your pets to have their own little thrones. Complete your arrangement with tiny tables and decorate it with your favourite tableware. We highly recommend our Elegant Suede Poufs to make your space chic yet functional. 

Cushions and Cushion Covers:

Comfort is one of our major requirements. Give your cozy chairs a companion and spice it up with cute cushions. This is one of the easiest ways to amp up your surroundings. Put on fancy covers on them and just see how it changes everything. The best part about cushion covers is that you can easily manage them. If you want different moods you can always try different designs too. We absolutely love our Yellow And Grey Geometric Print Cushion Covers

Planters & Vases:

Having plants around boosts your mood, productivity, concentration, and helps you relax. Plant pretty flowers or shrubs to enhance your environment. You can place our little planters on your coffee tables, work desks, living area, etc. If you think that plants can be a hectic commitment you can also use cute vases and fill it with flowers or ferns that automatically clear the negative aura. One of our personal favourites is the Bow Gold Stand Vase With Artificial Flowers.

Rugs and Runners:

Experiment with your floor. You don’t always have to have those boring floor rugs. Play around with stylish bed runners and rugs. Choose rugs with characters and bright colours to take your decor game to a level higher. Still confused about it? We got you covered with our Faux Fur Rugs


Wall art:

One essential part of your interior design is your walls. Walls are like blank canvases; you can do wonders with it. Hang art, plants, clocks or even picture frames. Style it with items that mean something to you. In this way your house or office will look more personal and also have an artistic element to it. We really feel our Do What You Love Photo Frame would complement any space, and motivate you daily. 


Having showpieces around is like cherry on the top. It’s such an easy way to transform your place. However, it’s important to choose the right ones. Selecting the proper artefact can be a bit tricky. You don’t want these items to look tacky and spoil the entire arrangement. Use artefacts that match your setting and don’t go overboard. Take a look at our exclusive range of artefacts for a better understanding. 


Lighting matters a lot. Many things depend on it, for instance your mood. A great lighting can make your room look bigger too. Installing lamps is a great way to finish your design. Our Planet Table Lamps are an ideal option for minimal lighting. 



Last but not the least your favourite space needs some aroma. Diffusers can enhance the feel of any room or corner decor, and make it complete. Our favourite is the Reindeer Humidifier

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