Add Class With Our Elegant Fur Stools

Gone are those days when elegant home décor items came with less to no utility. We bring to you an exquisite piece of stool that isn't just chic but has versatile uses. The Fur Stools at our store are that one item that is efficient and equally stunning. It might give you the misconception of a delicate piece, but that is surely not the case. The versatility of these Fur Stools is enough to make your jaw drop. We aren't the only ones blown by these Fur Stools, our customers are on the same page as us. Let us focus on the extensive features of these Stools. 

Versatile Utility

Don’t let the cozy furs fool you. This isn't a décor piece but a utility item. This chic fur stool chair gives you the liberty to use it as you like it. Yes, you will have the full freedom to style it just the way you want, taking advantage of the multipurpose feature of these elegant fur stools. The faux fur stool can be used as a vanity stool, footstool, side table, a place to keep your planters, and so on. The best part of the stools is that they enhance the beauty of any corner or room. 

Vast Array of Colours 

When you said chic colours, The June Shop heard you. We have brought to you a huge range of exquisite colours. The colours ensure that the fluffiness and luxury of the fur are showcased the right way. From shades of grey, beige, to red you will find all your favourite colours without fail. All the colours beautifully display the shine of the luxurious faux fur. Moreover, the shades go with every sort of home décor. 

Luxurious Fur 

The more you talk about the fur of the stool, the less it is. The stool is made of luxurious faux fur that has a chic shine to it. The fur not only looks elegant and fluffy but is tremendously comfortable. The fur top offers a cozy feel, it is a perfect seating option for your living space or bedroom. You can feel the soft touch even when you choose to use this fur stool with gold legs as a footstool. 

Unmatchable Sturdiness 

As mentioned earlier, the sturdiness of these stools is unmatchable. The stools can take up to 80-100 Kgs, this is enough to describe their sturdiness. The wooden base and steel hairpin legs are very sturdy. Whether you choose to use it as a place to keep your planters, books, or even a seating area you will never have to worry about putting too much weight on it. As long as you assemble the stool the right way you are good to go. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Now if you are thinking of investing in a home décor plus utility piece, then this is the perfect option for you. Not only the fur stool chair amplifies the beauty of your home but brings a huge range of utility with itself. It is a complete customer favourite. You will never really understand the extensive utility of this fur stool until you land your hands on one of it. Who knows you may even discover a whole new functionality of the faux fur stool. 

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