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Has packing lunch become tedious for you? Well, this blog is here to change your mind. When you have all the necessary elements to pack your lunch conveniently it instantly becomes an enjoyable experience. Whether you are preparing lunch for your kids or your meal. Getting lunch from home not only saves you money but allows you to control your nutritional intake every day. You can enjoy a customised meal prepared by you. All in all homemade lunch is a smarter option. 

If you have the right containers or lunch packs ready it will also save you a chunk of time. Think about the time you have to waste browsing from one restaurant menu to another, you will save all that time. But do you have the right container to pack your lunch in? Or are you still using the old and wearisome lunch containers? Save yourself the embarrassment at your workplace and invest in a functional, chic and convenient lunch pack or bowl. We have curated a list of bento boxes, lunch packs, lunch bowls and lunch boxes. Pick the one that best aligns with your requirement and preference. 

1. Dual Hue Lunch Box With Cutlery Set

If you hate carrying multiple lunch boxes, and cutlery to your college or office, you are just at the right spot. Let us introduce you to the super convenient Dual Hue Lunch Box With Cutlery Set. Carry your food along with a side dish, fruit, or dessert in this huge lunch box. Do not even bother to carry your cutlery separately as this unique lunch box comes with its cutlery. 

What to use it for:
This lunch box is built to carry apple quantities for an adult. You can carry noodles, rice with a side dish, pasta, or salad with a crunch in this lunch box. When carrying food in this lunch box you do not have to worry about any spillage.

2. Layers of Delish 

Going on a healthy diet? Not willing to binge eat junk food? We have the perfect thing for you. The Layers of Delish are just the right fit for anyone who is strictly on a home food diet or cannot get enough home-cooked food. It is insulated and comes with an airtight lid and shafts to carry it around conveniently. It is spill-proof and keeps your food warm for long hours. 

What to use it for: This stacked lunch box is ideal to carry lunch, evening snacks and breakfast. Curry and rice, a side dish with noodles, roti and a side dish and more are perfect to carry in this lunch pack. If an item is too hot, keep it in the upper compartment and let the excess heat out by pulling up the Mickey accent air outlet. 

3. Yum Tum Bento 

Whether you enjoy watching anime or not, you cannot deny how aesthetic the food looks there. It must have given you foodgasm and made you desire a bento of your own. Well, now that aesthetic food won’t just dwell in your dreams. With this Yum Tum Bento Lunch Box, you can pack your lunch like that. Moreover, you get to eat a healthy meal with a bento box. 

What to use it for: Give your imagination a nice little twist and carry a desi version of the Japanese bento box. Prepare rice or jeera rice, saute some veggies including broccoli, corn, and bell papers and make yourself a salad with cucumber, lettuce and cherry tomatoes and place them aesthetically in the separate compartments to prepare your bento box lunch. You can also replace the rice with chilla, roti, noodles or pasta. 

4. Minimalist Wood Accent

If you are a millennial you would remember carrying tiffin in those stainless steel boxes back in school days? Now you can bring back those days during your lunch breaks with this Minimalist Wood Accent lunch pack. It has two compartments, a wood accent lid and a rubber band to keep it compact. Carry enough food for two meals without worrying about spills. The unique and minimalist design adds a stylish old-school twist to your lunch. 

What to use it for:
Carry your lunch, fruits or snacks in this Minimalist Wood Accent lunch pack. Carry your main lunch which is a side dish with roti or rice, salad, or Italian in one compartment of the lunch box and carry fruits, snacks, or desserts in the other compartment. Rest assured your food will remain intact.

5. Relish With Zeal 

The feeling of relishing your lunch at home during the weekends is unparalleled. How about we tell you can enjoy the same feeling even at your college or office. Presenting you the Relish With Zeal 2-Compartment Lunch Box, perfect to pack your lunch with three or four side dishes and even a chutney or a dessert. This lunch box is created for the ones who cannot afford to miss out on the proper nutritious home-cooked meal. 

What to use it for: Like the thalis you devour at lunch whenever at home? Well, now you can properly pack thali for office. In the lower compartment place roti or any sort of rice and place a variety of side dishes including curry, veggies, and papad in the upper compartment. If you have two or more compartments left, pack some chutney or dessert. Don’t miss out on relishing a full-course meal. 

6. Stack Your Food 

At The June Shop, we understand your needs whether your style is 90’s or Insta-savvy, we have got you covered. The Stack Your Food lunch pack is perfect to carry your meals for the whole day. It is super convenient to carry and the lunch pack keeps the food from getting stale for long hours. The chic colour of the pack satisfies your insta-savvy soul.

What to use it for:
Do not miss out on your chance to carry a full-course meal in style with this Stack Your Food Lunch Pack. From hummus and taco or pita bread to rice and side dishes, it is just the perfect pack to carry it all. Bring in some style along with your healthy lunch every day to your workplace or college. 

7. Wheat Straw Tiffin/Lunch Box

Sending your kids off to school? Packing their lunch in the dreary old lunch boxes? Well, it is time to add some spice to make your kids crave home-cooked food. Introducing the Wheat Straw Tiffin/Lunch Box, now your kids can carry lunch in style with this pastel colour and subtle design. We are yet to come to the best part, this lunch box is free from any unhygienic plastic material. It is made of BPA-free, sustainable and biodegradable. You can rest assured that no harmful chemicals from the plastic particles will harm your kid. 

What To Pack: When packing lunch for kids we tend to include nutritional meals as much as possible. But this lunch box gives you the liberty to pack nutritional meals along with some tasty treats. This pack has three compartments, in case you are packing sandwiches in the bigger compartment, you also get to add sauteed veggies, or fruits in the other two. 

8. Pack Your Grub Bento Lunch Box 

Want to go old school but with a Japanese twist? You have come to the right place. The Pack Your Grub Bento Lunch Box is just what you need. The food and its plating in anime are enticing to the limit where you want to pack your lunch the bento way. This is why we have come up with a lunch box that is both like a bento and also keeps the food warm for a long time. The interior of the lunch box is made of stainless steel making it heat-insulated, it also comes with a small spill-free container. 

What to use it for:
This lunch pack is ideal to carry a main dish along with two side dishes or a dessert. This bento box-style lunch pack lets you carry anything and everything without having to worry about any spills. This bento box has a capacity of 520 ml and keeps your food warm for long hours. 


9. Bright & Bold Aztec Heat-Insulated Lunch Bag

When carrying your lunch in style, we suggest you not leave it halfway. Don’t use your shabby old lunch bag, instead spice it up with a Bright & Bold Aztec Heat Insulated Lunch Bag. This bag is what you should use to carry food for one or two meals.

It is compact, easy to carry, care for, and wash and keeps your food from going stale. The insulated interior maintains the temperature of your food keeping the taste intact. So, you can devour your home-cooked food with utmost satisfaction.

10. Minimalist Heat-Insulated Lunch Bag

It is not you, we all get the urge to completely rely on home-cooked food to go healthy and control our nutritional intake. Hence, we have come up with this insulated lunch bag. Have you prepared lunch for the whole day? Carry it in this Minimalist Heat-Insulated Lunch Bag.

Fit two to four lunch packs in this lunch bag even along with a sipper if you want. The subtle patterns of this bag only enhance your look. The insulated interior ensures you get to enjoy your tasty food just like you have packed them. Your food doesn’t go stale in this lunch bag. 


Multiple things could go wrong when you go lunch box and lunch bag shopping. To ensure you check all the right criteria you can check these features in a lunch box - 

  • Easy to Pack - The idea of home-cooked lunch also emphasizes saving time and effort. Hence, a lunch box should be easy to pack. 
  • Spill-Proof - Make sure the lunch box is spill and leak-proof. This is a criterion you should never ignore. 
  • Secured Closure - Check to see if all the lunch boxes or packs are tightly closed and locked properly, this is to ensure there’s less chance of opening them accidentally.
  • Storage - Choose a lunch box that meets your needs in case of capacity and storage. Check the capacity before purchasing.   
  • Easy to Clean - It is also important to check the ease of cleaning the lunch pack offers. Some are dishwasher safe and others are not. 
  • Heat Insulation - Depending on your need, choose a stainless steel lunch box if you prefer to keep the temperature of the meal intact. 

We have included lunch packs that have all these features in this listicle. No matter what you choose you will not regret the quality, features, capacity and more. 

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