Creating A Vision Board

Many influential people like Lily Singh a.k.a Superwoman, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, and Deepak Chopra make vision boards and sincerely adhere to them. They all believe in vision boarding and that it truly helps in making their dreams come true. Vision board intensifies the power of manifestation and motivates you. But do not confuse it with magic. You are not going to fulfil your dreams overnight unless you are dedicated to them. 

When you have a visual representation of all your goals on the vision board it will drive you to work towards them. The small visuals of all kinds of images representing all your dreams you have been wanting to accomplish for so long will keep you motivated, help you be on the right track, and manifest them. Here’s how you can make a vision board -

Things You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • Print out images that relate to your goals. This can also be clippings from magazines or newspapers. 
  • Felt tip pens, markers and stickers of your choice. 
  • Glue or clips.

Get Some Ideas to Start Vision Boarding

Here’s how you can start manifesting everything you want to accomplish -

  • For Affirmation - Pictures and magazine clippings of an image or quote that makes you feel optimistic. 
  • Connecting With Nature - Take this opportunity to include elements like leaves, pressed flowers, feathers and seashells. 
  • Abundance In Finances - You can put a bill or can stick images that you can relate to financial abundance. 
  • For Travelling - If you have travelled in your mind you can include postcards, a photo of you at your favourite destination, or pictures of trains or aeroplanes. 
  • Inner Peace - Look for images that soothe your souls and also include cool colours, soothing quotes and images. 
  • For Love - For anyone willing to find love can get pictures or quotes of a loving relationship, a picture of you taken when you truly loved yourself.

Here’s How You Can Go About Making Your Vision Board

  • Get your vision clear - Before you start making your vision board you should ask yourself what you want this year. It can be a career goal (achieving a milestone) or a personal goal (giving up on a habit or adopting one). 
  • Shortlist the objects and images - Prioritise the images and objects that you have to have on your vision board. Make sure that the pictures you shortlist motivate, resonate with you and help you manifest your dreams. 
  • Arrange Everything - The fun starts when you start to arrange and rearrange the images and objects you have collected. Have a layout before you glue down everything. Do not make this process mundane ensure you have fun while DIYing your vision board. 
  • Stick Everything - Once you have sorted everything, stick all the images and the objects in the vision board space of the planner. You may even spice it all up with the stickers provided with the planner.

How to Make the Best Use of the Vision Board

Now you should make it a point to go through the vision board regularly. When you have prepared the vision board, you will want to make the most of it. Here’s what you can do, say-it-out-loud everything listed on the board out loud. This will strengthen your manifestation game. You may want to leave some space for things you want to attract in the future. However, only visualising your goal will not be enough, you will have to take action to accomplish your goals. The vision board can serve you as a reminder to take little steps regularly towards your goal. 

What are you waiting for? Start creating a vision board right away!

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