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The art of fine hosting comes down to perfecting every detail. Putting more effort into defining the minuscule detail can bring out the professional host in you. The secret of a successful party lies in your capability of putting everything in an aesthetic order, from the ornamental flowers to the table runner. One such important essence of fine hosting is cutlery. Whether it is a fun-tastic birthday party or an intimate dinner, you will only be able to impress your guests by focusing on details, like cutlery. To take a step towards achieving fine dining you need to choose the perfect cutlery for each event.

A lot of people tend to overlook cutlery and move on with a simple set. It is a small thing but it is held by every guest, which means it’ll be noticed. Although there’s no harm in choosing a random cutlery, a thoughtfully selected cutlery set can have a huge impact on your guests. Select the style of the cutlery set according to the event you're hosting. This isn’t as simple as it sounds, hence we have created this precise blog on what style of cutlery would go best with a certain event.

Importance of Cutlery 

Cutlery is more important than just aesthetics. It is more than just the look and feel. The right cutlery can help you transform the whole food experience. Cutlery can have a hefty influence on our perception of the taste of the food.

It becomes evident when you don't invest much effort in cutlery, especially when you are serving in classy serveware. The weight, size, design, colour, material and finish of every cutlery piece can add substantial difference to your food experience. 

Contemporary Style 

If you are about to host a brunch or a simple dinner, opt for contemporary cutlery. This adds an extra touch of class to the whole serving and dining experience, thanks to the simple design, class, and matte texture.

These sorts of cutlery are perfect to pair with traditional dishes. Indulge in a minimal tablescape with simple and contemporary style cutlery over the intricately designed one.

Sleek Theme  

Are you thinking to serve complex food with layered flavours? Its better you better stick with a classy and stylish cutlery. Any food with a layered taste, wonderful preparation method and expensive ingredients call for sleek cutlery. Any cutlery set that has fine intricate detailing, and is of heavy weight is just not the right cutlery piece for such a course.

Pairing your complicated food with a detailed cutlery set may take away the look and feel of the dining experience. Balance the experience of your complex food with a sleek cutlery set. 

Elegant Style

Elegance is more versatile than you think, if styled perfectly enough an elegant cutlery can enhance the whole feel of your tablescape. This is the cutlery you should be swearing by at times when you are unsure of the menu.

Cutlery with a simple design and chic style falls under the category of elegant and sleek cutlery. The subtle design and exquisite finish of a cutlery set make it just perfect for an impromptu or a classic meal. Having one such set at the ready can turn out to be a great idea if you host often. 

Regal Designs 

If not quite frequently, most of us tend to host an important and exquisite dinner. We all have serveware and dinnerware in stock for such situations. But what about the cutlery set? Enhance the look and feel of your dinner set, and the taste and texture of your food with an intricately crafted cutlery set.

The traditional yet clean design makes these cutlery sets a must-have for every household. Don’t let your guests leave with the idea that you did not put effort into your cutlery choices. 

Abstract Look 

Spice up the lunch or brunch date with your loved ones or just yourself with a chic cutlery set. We all love the slow days, where we sit idly for hours and enjoy our meals in peace.

We have the right cutlery piece to elevate the experience these days. These sets have a sober and sleek design perfect for every occasion. The subtle design and colour allow this cutlery to mould into any course and any event. Just because it is simple, it doesn’t mean it can’t be special. 

Dessert Spoon

Sweet tooth or not you can’t deny a good savourish dessert. But don't the regular spoons take the fun out of it? Hence, the need for dessert spoons. These spoons are small, petite and come in an array of designs perfect for dessert plates or bowls.

Dessert is meant to relish, don't let the regular cutlery take the fun out of it. No matter the occasion, we have the right cutlery option for you. Add a touch of joy to your toothsome treat.

Cutlery Stand 

Cutlery collection is a thing and if you are into it you need more than just a showcase  to display. Invest in a range of cutlery stands to show your collection in full flair. These cutlery stands come in an array of unique and elegant designs for you to choose from.

Exhibit all your tasteful cutlery collection. From the most minimal set to the one with intricate gorgeous design, display every piece with an exquisite touch.  


Are you tempted enough to build your cutlery collection? Well, head to our cutlery section right away. The unique and gorgeous design with subtle tones will surely make you want to bag them all! Bring home every category of fork, spoon and knife to pair with different occasions. This will ensure you are never picking up cutlery randomly. When it comes to event hosting is everything, the perfect cutlery can not only add value to your aesthetic but also magnify the taste of the food. Make sure your guests enjoy every nibble. 

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