Detailed Undated Yearly Planners - for The New Year

Most of us today are multi-taskers. From managing office meetings and deadlines to buying groceries, paying rent, looking after yourself and your loved ones, a lot of thoughts and tasks keep us engaged throughout the day. The real trick behind having a stress-free life lies in planning and scheduling your work as per your priority. This is where Daily Planners come in handy to plan important tasks and keep track of your daily routine. To make the process enjoyable and hassle free we’ve got the most detailed and vibrant Undated Yearly Planners in the best of designs. 

In addition to keeping track of your daily routine, habits, important tasks and reminders, the most important USP for our new Undated Yearly Planners is the Spotify Scanner Feature. Our Spotify QR code allows you to tune in to your favourite tracks anywhere anytime. Planning never felt more enjoyable!

After much being said, here’s a quick overview of a few of our Planner features and USPs

Spotify QR Code - When Bob Marley said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” It hit us hard. Tune into your favorite track wherever you are with our Spotify QR Code. Just scan the code and set into the mood. Head to our website to explore the various designs.


Budget Planning For The Year -  Planning one’s budget has always been the toughest job. But as we all know, life is simpler when you segment your activities according to your needs, necessities and luxuries. Our daily planners help you maintain and keep track of your monthly and yearly income and expenses. For an elaborate search, check out our website. 

Habit Tracker and Daily Routines- Keeping up with your body, meals, workout, and mental peace as a part of your daily routine has a great impact on your self development and overall growth. A good way of beginning and keeping at it is to keep track of it. Keep track of your daily habits and routines with our Habit Tracker Page. The June Shop's newly launched planner helps you keep it simple, strategic and hassle free by having specific sections for your daily routines and habit trackers where you can keep yourself updated with the works you are lagging behind and the ones you have already pursued. 


Monthly Overview- A monthly review is a way through which you all can accomplish and re- adjust your long-term goals, both personal and professional. Having a proper backup helps you project your expenses so that you don't have to think twice before you order yourself a cheesecake to relax over the weekends. Head to our website to get a brief idea.

Highlights Of The Year - Everyday has its own ups and downs, that’s the way life is. Sometimes you can note, reflect, cherish and amend. Keeping a track of an unforgettable month & year helps you to improve your productivity. Also, pen down the most important and unforgettable moments of your life in our Yearly Undated Planners.


Letter for your Loved one - The value of written notes has more or less declined in this digital world but still there are a handful individuals who express by writing letters. Letters capture what makes your relationship special. Store and cherish forever a sweet poem or note from a loved one in one of our designated sections. 


As we know, stickers are not only the additional inserts in your workspace and belongings but also tells a lot about your personality or you as a person. We got cute stickers attached to our planners according to your mood to make your workstation and personal stuff colorful and quirky.


In conclusion we would leave you with this blog full of ideas and hope that it serves some purpose as we know “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Our new Planner is something you definitely need to add in your list before 2022 knocks at your door.


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