Extravagant New Year Party Decor Ideas

New Year is just around the corner and so are parties. Be it corporate get-togethers or a casual theme party, you cannot just take the decorations and menu lightly. It is the decoration that will set the mood for the New Year Eve’s party. Nonetheless, to say, this is your chance to wow your guests with an outstanding choice and execution of your decoration.
But there might be a chance that you are completely out of ideas. This can happen to anyone as there is a sea of NYE party decoration ideas out there. It can be hard to navigate which ones fit your taste. You will also have to ensure that your guests resonate with your theme. This is why we have put together some amazing table and interior decor ideas for your NYE party.  


Colour Theme - Gold & Black 


There’s no way you can ignore the combination of black and gold when selecting the theme for your grand New Year’s tablescape. The bold tone of black brings in drama and the gold shade offers elegance. Both of these colours when comes together bring in a classy look. If you are thinking of something grand and classy go with this colour tone. You can even play safe with this colour theme.

Choose the bold black dinnerware and some aurulent serveware to bring this look together. The compliment the whole look you can throw in some eye-catchy fabric as the tablecloth or runner. Make your guests go ‘wow’ with this amazing colour theme. 


Disco Themed 


It’s New Year and the celebrations are not confined to just dinner. It calls for getting drunk, dancing till the crack of dawn, meeting new friends, having fun and starting the new year with a happy tone. Go for a disco theme and get your guests in the mood for dancing as soon as they enter the party.

This is super easy to acquire, collect as many disco balls, glitter confetti, sparkles, candles, party balls, party poppers, etc. Make sure you have abundant room for preparing a mini dance floor, with lights, spotlights, disco balls and whatnot. To set the table you can decorate it with Anchor Grey Glossy Dinner Plate, Crinkled Ceramic, 


Pink & Pastels 


You can never go wrong with the combination of white and pink. This colour theme offers a soft and sophisticated look. Decorate your New Year tablescape with glass, sparkle and some silver. This theme will carefully mirror the winter vibes. This theme is just perfect for your New Year dinner table setting. The guests are sure to praise your classy taste in serveware.

Select pastel or soft-hued pink ceramic dinner sets. You can also make a combination of white and pink serveware by choosing soft-hued white ceramic dinner sets. Team this up with some exquisite glass and silver cutlery set. To spice things up you can also place a vase in the centre of the dining table. 


Gold Tablescape 


Want to go all grand, go for a complete gold tablescape. If gold is equal to grandeur for you then this is the theme that you should go for. This gold theme table setting speaks of celebration and elegance. You must have some decorative stars and ribbons from Christmas, this is your time to take those out and use them to spice up your dining table.

Select serveware from the aurulent collection from bowls, dinner plates, serving platter, cutlery stand and golden cutlery set to set the table in a golden theme for your New Year dinner. There’s no harm in overwhelming your guests with some huge dosage of golden tones, that too during New Year celebrations.


Champagne-y Decor 


Champagne are symbolic of celebrations and new beginnings. ‘Let’s open a bottle of champagne is the literal catchphrase whenever something celebratory happens. But why not incorporate the tones of a celebratory mood into your party because champagne is more than just a drink? Incorporate shades of gold, silver, and black as table decor for New Year celebration.

Stock up on some gold and silver ribbons, confetti, vase and flowers to complete this look. Make sure there is an imminent presence of metallic and warm colours. If you are looking for a sophisticated evening then this is the perfect decor idea. Set your table with the gold marble dinner set, a gold rim cutlery stand, a golden cutlery set and gold tint drinkware. 


Soft Florals 


You do not want to tune in to grand decorations for your New Year party? Go for soft flower decoration. Floral decorations are chic and petite, making it just perfect for a classy dinner. A floral decoration can fit perfectly with the theme of the New Year. Decorate your window, and table with flowers that come in a soft pastel shade. The first thing that your guests are going to notice is the doorway and your dining table.

Embellish your doorway with floral-leafy branches and place garlands of pastel flowers on the dining table. If it is feasible for you, make a garland or stitch the flowers together to make sure the flowers sit together. Use soft pastel flowers, exquisite drinkware and cutlery to complete the look. 


Magic of Fairy Lights


What is a New Year's party decor without some decorative lights? Do not take out the Christmas decoration just yet if you are about to host a party at your place. Decorate your place with fairy lights. From mirrors, tables, dining tables, windows and cascade them around photo frames. It is the time of festivals, so there’s no harm in overloading your home with fairy lights.

The soft glow of the lights will form the colour of champagne and offer a magical feeling. So, if you are not able to gather metallic decorations then this is an amazing alternative to achieve the champagne look. Set your table with white soft-hued ceramics, silver or gold cutlery, and some exquisite drinkware and create a stream of fairy lights around these. 

Concluding Thoughts 


The clock is clicking too fast and the year will come to an end before you know it. So, you will have to choose a decoration for the New Year party as quickly as you can. It is a festive holiday that people look forward to the most. Your friends, family, and co-workers are probably looking forward to getting together to celebrate the end of the year and welcome a new one together. To host an NYE party you will have to concentrate on the decorations. Your aim should be to alleviate the mood of your guests as soon as they step into your home. They relate to the decor and get into the vibe to dance, eat and have fun throughout the night. Thus, get your party decoration in place or stock up to throw the grandest New Year party that your family and friends will remember forever. 

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