Feeling unloved in the era of GenZ? Give it a more KJO vibe!

Many of us have the toxic trait to relate our love lives with shows, movies, and novels. You don’t? Is it just us? 

The world of fiction brings us hope and optimism. Thus, we tend to derive our life advice from them. But it does get confusing, after all, life isn’t scripted. For instance, you would hardly notice a rom-com showing the ‘lost the spark’ phase of a couple. 

Take K3G, Rahul marries Anjali, they move to London, and start their life and family over. Their married life seems so fun, never did once we got a hint of them losing the spice. I mean, won’t you die to have a love like there’s, but hey hey, our lives aren’t directed by Kjo. And here’s where we all must draw the line between reel and real life. 

If you are in a long-term relationship, the butterfly phase is bound to fade away. It is very natural, and every couple in the world feels it, (of course instead of our dream Bolly-movie couples). Time and time again you will feel, ‘it is not working anymore,’ or ‘he/she is not that into me,’ yet end up reminiscing about all the great times you had together. It will make you believe your partner is worth fighting for, and that’s true! 

They’re Not Putting In Efforts

“She doesn’t plan romantic dates”, “He prefers to stay in on weekends” or “It’s getting stale.” Couples who are in 4 or more years of a relationship are more likely to connect to this. These are all true, but you’ve got one thing wrong. If your better half isn’t making you feel special or going that extra mile but cares or loves you the same, this only means you have hit the comfort stage of the relationship.

Rather than getting into fights, talk this out. Reinstate the importance of putting in extra effort, from both sides. Don’t let silly misunderstandings mess up your healthy relationship. 

Noticing Their Flaws

It’s been a few years since you people are together, and the initial infatuation has started to wear off. The picture-perfect image of your partner has suddenly become a little flawed. You might find yourself struggling to remember why you fell for them in the first place. Did you just hit the ‘relate’ button in your mind? Hold on, your relationship isn’t over. 

This is something that everyone goes through. This phase might sound hard, but remember it is only a ‘phase.’ The mantra is to remind yourself of the positive qualities in your partner. Appreciate how much they love you despite all YOUR imperfections. 

‘We don't talk anymore like we used to do'

You are talking but not communicating - is this what's been going on in your mind lately? Unlimited calls have been replaced by minimal calls. Or, you sit in silence even on date nights. This can happen due to multiple reasons. 

Don’t get worked up about this, it is quite normal in all relationships. Such a situation might depict the tiredness of your partner and them thinking you will understand. Hence, they choose to keep silent instead of cooking up a conversation. Talk to them and you will end up solving this issue with ease. 

“I don’t feel butterflies, at the thought of a Date”   

The first meets, sending tricky or flirty texts and waiting for their answers, or the getting-to-know-each-other phase must have given you butterflies. However, with time this feeling changes or it's safe to say it fades away. It is one of the best feelings but it doesn’t last. This might leave you feeling like you have lost touch or worse you have fallen out of love. 

This doesn’t mean you have lost the spark, but the reflection of you two getting comfortable. You already find peace, harmony and comfort in each other's company. Going on a short romantic gateway can be a good solution if it's still bothering you. 

In case you are still not convinced that your relationship is not at risk. We have just the right thing for you. None other than our Couple Notebooks. A notebook for EVERY COUPLE! If you think your relationship is lacking a touch of spice, this notebook is what you need. You too can have a little Karan Johar kinda love story.

A Couple Quiz. Turn this into a fun game, and see who wins.

The Activity Pages, the main attraction of the notebook. 

Plan Two Dream Dates.

Don’t forget to write a small note about how your date went and stick a polaroid.

Here’s some small detail of The Couple Notebook - 

  • Write your names first. 
  • Confirm your commitment to your partner by signing the cute Couple Contract. 
  • Clues. Take a brief look at the clues. This gives a hint of the surprise activity without peeling off the stickers. 
  • Take a quiz!
  • There are 23 Indoor activities and 27 Outdoor activities. Ample of things to do for EVERYONE. 
  • These activities will evoke different aspects of your relationship and your partner. 
  • The clues beside every peel-off sticker give a small hint of the activity, prepare yourselves accordingly. 
  • Reveal the activity by peeling off the sticker.
  • Once you have done the activity, take a polaroid and stick it on the same page.
  • You and your partner get to plan two Dream Dates each!
  • Stick 2 pictures from your 2 Dream Dates and write a small note.  
  • Write a letter to each other. Give it to them in this beautiful envelope. 
  • Write a small personalised message for each other that can be kept as a Wallet Note. 
  • Cut the front and back of the Wallet Notecard from this notebook. Stick it and give it to your partner!
  • Journal what you found out about your partner from the Dream Dates you planned.

    A peak into a couple's life who found their spark using our Couple Notebook!

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