Give Your Home A Cohesive Look This Year

Getting carried away with different decor styles. With alluring home decor ideas everywhere it’s totally impossible to not get a little floored. ‘Going with the flow’ might look like a great home decor style to go along with, but you will end up with a busy and irrelevant decor. If you are on the look to build better home decor, learning cohesive design is important. When you look for listings or watch home makeover shows online you will notice how cohesive everything looks. Every space has a rich or classy colour that compliments each other. And you too can get there with the right home decor styling tips and a little effort. 

A cohesive home decor is achieved when every room of a place blends into each other seamlessly, creating a unified look. So, if you walk out of your bedroom into your living space you wouldn’t feel you have come to a totally different place. A cohesive home decor makes you feel at home, relaxed and put. It also creatively sets up a visually pleasing flow. For this, each space has to be meticulously designed including the decor, colour scheme, furniture, fabrics and more complementing each other. Making your home showcases detail, giving each room its character and identity while maintaining relevance. 

  1. Find Your Aesthetic 

Selecting a style for your interior design is the stepping stone towards creating a cohesive style for your home. Find an aesthetic that is an exact reflection of your personality. Keep in mind the style you choose must be welcoming. You can go for comfortable, modern, country-chic, earthy vibes, or anything that inflicts peace and inspires you all the time. After all, you will spend your days here. 

The relative colours, decor and style enable you to build a wall between those four walls. The best part? It makes your space seem larger and organized while immersing you in its surroundings. 

  1. Unfold A Story With Textures

We weren’t lying when we said to reflect your personality in your home decor. Style according to your personality or try to tell a story. For this you will need a vision, hence identifying your style is important. Choose your decor and colour theme according to that style.

So, when you're picking out curtains, pillows, or decor items do not go by your mood, instead, stick to your curated style. The repeating patterns whether it is in the neutral family, designs from the geometric print, indigenous prints such as ikat or bohemian, or modern textures make it look appealing and cohesive. Weave a story with these textures. 

  1. Choose A Colour Palette

All the interior design style comes down to choosing colours, patterns and textures. When building a cohesive interior you have to make sure every part of the home seems related to each other. The best idea is to select a neutral colour and build up along its lines.

Select your favourite hue and use it as a central colour. Every space must have that one colour as the base or central one. This basic shade can come in the guise of your seating area, wall art, rug, or graphic pattern on the wall. Play around but add the base colour evenly to your space.

  1. Opt for A Complementary Hue 

After you have finalised the base colour, you can build along it or stop right there. If you choose to add more colours go for a complementary shade of the base colour. Pair the central colour with accent colours and shop decors in the same shade. Make sure to evenly distribute the complementary colours or add them here and there in a pattern. 

Confused about which colour to pick? Swear by the colour wheel, and locate your base or main colour now the shade exactly opposite to it is the complementary colour. You can keep the base colour the same and vary the complementary shade by room. 

  1. Common Factor In Materials 

Consistent colour scheming is a great head start towards cohesive home decor, but the next big step is to match materials. When it comes to decor, furniture, wall art and more it is best to stick with one material or texture. Be with upholstery material, wood finishes, or texture of fabrics.

You can choose from decor style themes like nautical, modern, traditional, earthy country, or farmhouse. Also, ensure the finish of the decor accents matches the tone of the colour scheme. Pair cool colour schemes with cool decor tones, and repeat the same with warm colour schemes. Matching materials work like a charm when creating consistency in home decor. 

  1. Showcase Your Design

Scan your home, identify the pieces you love and take note of them. Consider going over your Pinterest board over and over again and jotting the repeating patterns down. Picture your home with your favourite decor collectables and showcase your style through it.

Whether it is mid-century modern, coastal chic, modern farmhouse, transitional, contemporary architecture, minimal or maximal, go by your style and let your loved decors display your design through it. Let this style run through your entire home to create consistency. You can also choose a decor that takes the spotlight and works around it. 

  1. Repeat With Pride

Whether it is our home decor or clothes, many of us are too shy to repeat them. Yet it can prove to be the key element in cohesive home decor. Repeat the colour palette you signed up for. Say in case you have picked beige as your base colour, paint a wall in beige in the first room, pick a beige artwork for the second, a beige tone rug for the third or paint a corner beige for the fourth.

Repeating fabrics is also a great idea! If you have selected leafy patterns as your main pattern all around the home, you can pull the same botanical pattern on pillow covers, throws, accent chairs, and curtain panels. Distribute it in every room evenly. 

  1. Balance Out New & Old 

Our homes hold all our memories, some of them are found in the form of heirlooms. Throughout our home, there are chains of heirlooms that we have acquired throughout the years.

There’s no surprise that you will feel guilty to discard these heirlooms in the guise of decorations. These are precious and priceless to us so you need not have to get rid of them. Instead, try to balance it out with new decors. The best way to do so is to make sure each room of your home has at least one vintage piece along with one of current style. 

  1. Make Bold Style Decisions 

When cohesively revamping your home decor you don’t necessarily have to hit the restart button for every room. It is good for your home and your peace to lay a basic plan that stays the same throughout the entire home. That is the idea of cohesive home decor, maintaining consistency without ending up with totally identical rooms. Finding yourself in a pickle? Let us save you from that trouble. Here are some elements that you can repeat throughout - lights, door handles, metal textures, switch plates, window coverings, fabric colours and textures and paint. 

  1. Make A Statement With Rugs 

Direct the focus on your floors with classy and unique rugs be it small or area at least one for each room. Go by a texture that is relevant to the entire home decor style. In case you opt for leafy designs you can choose tropical pattern rugs for your rooms.

The rugs do not have to be identical, choose different rugs from the same design family. These are the little things that work like magic to change the look of your home instantly. Common rugs of different sizes will add more consistency to the decor.

Concluding Thoughts 

Even with these tips and suggestions, it is too harsh to expect a perfectly cohesive home decor. So, go with your instincts and do not stress to get your cohesive home decor perfect! Make sure you reflect your personality to add character to the space and you would be good to go. In the process, you may fall for some decors that will break some patterns listed above but that’s totally okay! As long as you are keeping the foundation cohesive you do not have to strictly follow the guidelines of cohesive design. Important of all you should get to decorate your space as you want. 

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