Here’s How You Can Celebrate Inter-Generational Mother’s Day

The best thing to gift your mother is ‘time’ - this might sound super cliche but it is super true. Whether you have planned some outdoor activities or not, the fact that you have decided to spend it with your mother is the most important part. Now that you have decided to celebrate it, why not include everyone, starting from your grandmother, aunts, their daughters and your mother as well. Bring the whole family together, create an environment where they end up having tremendous fun. This could be an intergenerational Mother’s Day. Moreover, we rarely see everyone together, planning an anti-generational Mother’s Day will ensure you see the family. 

Spending quality time is fixed then, but have you come up with a plan for the day? How are you going to celebrate the day? You have to ensure everyone has a blast and no one is bored. Whether you are preparing a brunch or planning a party, find something that all mothers love to do.

Host A Tea Party

Everyone enjoys a good tea party despite their age. If you are willing to celebrate Mother’s Day 2023 with your mother, grandmother and great  grandmother, then organising a pretty tea party is a great idea. Include some herbal tea and finger foods in the menu.

You can keep it short and simple, let everyone relax, hang out and reconnect with each other. You can also call mothers, daughters and grandmothers from your neighbourhood and have an amazing time. 

Organize A Photoshoot

Don’t have enough pictures with your family? Don’t feel bad, you are not the only one, there are many others in the same boat. Take this Mother’s Day and organise a multi-generational photo shoot. This day is just the perfect occasion to schedule such a photo-shoot.

Book a photographer on the basis of their previous work. Coordinate outfits with your grandma and mom. You can also help them pick their look and outfits. Ask the eldest to dress in a way that portrays her as the matriarch of the family. To make it a perfect day you can end it with a brunch date.

Trip to Memory Lane

It is Mother’s Day and you have invited your sisters, mother, aunties, grandmas and great grandma for an intimate get together. They are all sitting in the living space, catching up, and talking about the old days. This is when you take out old family photographs that hold generations of memories. Everyone will gather around to have a peek into nostalgia. You will catch aunties, mom and grandma flipping through pictures and narrating stories behind each one of them. This is a simple thing to make the day memorable.

Vases for Mom

You want to make your mom’s day? Surprise her with her favourite bunch of flowers. Your mother might not admit it, but she must have a favourite flower. You will need a vase to put the flower in and to complement  the beauty of them. Pick a vase according to the taste of your mother, after all this will be a gift to her. The flower might dry up but the elegant vase will stay back as a memento of your sweet gesture. In case you are willing to make her smile right from the beginning of Mother’s Day.

Arrange Sweets

Could not arrange for a huge Mother’s Day celebration? Well, we have got you covered. Shop your mom’s favourite sweet and serve it on a pretty platter. Sweets make everyone merry and happy. Take it notch above by displaying the sweets on a cake or muffin stand. Make sure you are picking up the sweets that your mother and grandmother loves. It is their day, make everything about them. This will make them feel special and valued. Moreover, you will save a lot of time if you opt to order the sweets.

Pick Antiques

There’s a story behind every vintage collection. The backstory makes any antique item even more valuable. On this Mother’s Day you can take your grandma, and mother to pick up antiques at your nearest antique store. As you check out the antique pieces you can ask the history behind them. This will be an enriching experience for everyone. And if you cannot find an antique shop near your home, no worries you can shop for an item that has an antique look to it and gift it to your grandma or mom.

Self Care Day

Not taking enough care of ourselves is not a new issue. No matter how much you talk about the importance of self care and self love, it is never enough. So, you can take this Mother’s Day to reinstate the necessity of self-care. Take them to an early morning yoga class, spa or arrange for a full skin care routine. They are sure to appreciate your genuine concern towards their healthy-being. This will also allow them to take some time off their busy schedule to invest some time in feeling better and rejuvenated.

Prepare A Brunch

Everyone loves an impromptu breakfast in bed and your mom won’t be an exception. But if you are a little late for a ‘brunch’ is the next best option. No matter what you choose to cook a simple toast and croissant or a complete course, your mom, grandma or aunt is sure to appreciate it.

You can also prepare a casserole and call everyone up randomly at your place. Cooking a lasagna, spaghetti or pasta would be the ideal choice. Yet no matter what you choose to prepare your mother is sure to appreciate it.

Create A Scrapbook 

It is time to get a little creative. Take out your DIY kit and get started on making a scrapbook with your mother on this Mother’s day. Print some photos from your phone or take out a few photos from your old photo albums to make a cute scrapbook.
Use a lot of stickers and washi tapes to make it adorable! You, mom and grandmom will come a little closer and have a great time. This would be an amazing reconnecting activity. You all can work on different pages, and once you are done, bind all of them together.

Plan A Make-Your-Own Pizza Party

Making the perfect pizza is an art and can only be achieved with utmost artistry. Start with a normal pizza dough, spread the sauce and let everyone add their favourite toppings. The concept here is to enjoy the process. You may or may not achieve perfection, but who cares when you will end up having great fun.

Let everyone mix and match or even experiment with it. The shapes of the pizzas might come unruly as a memoir of the fun you had while baking. You can also keep a playful contest of who places the toppings most artistically.

Concluding Thoughts

Invite everyone over to celebrate Mother’s Day with all the special women of your family across the generations. Make them feel at home and comfortable. You can set the tone by putting all the family heirlooms at display. You must have something or the other from the past generations. Arrange everyone’s favourite snack in a beautiful serving plate to win them over at the start of the party. Choose an activity that will interest everyone. Putting genuine effort ensures a good time. The important women of your family deserve to be celebrated and spend Mother’s Day doing something super fun. Every family is different, thus we have curated a list of fun activity ideas perfect for everyone. 

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