How to Plan Your Best Year Ever

You must have a list of ‘I will do this next year' for sure. Well, this is the year to achieve all of that. Be a hustler and make this year count. 

Whether you have created a list of resolutions or not you will surely start this year on a high note with hopes as high as the Burj Khalifa. Hence, the onset of a new year is just the perfect time to plan your goals, new routine and resolutions, as you are on top of your spirit and full of optimism. This can be the year to achieve everything that you have delayed and procrastinated on so far. However, there is a chance that the high spirit will start to fade away little by little with every week but you can stay on track and have the best year by following these tips -

  • 1. Review the Year that Was

  • Taking a look back on your year helps like nothing else. Things that made you feel most content and happy, things that didn't go as planned, lessons you learnt, skills you acquired, etc. Put all of these things together to create a picture of how your year went.

  • 2. Create A Vision for the Upcoming Year

  • Journal how you want your career, lifestyle, love and relationships, health, learning, spirituality or well-being to look like in the goal for the year space. This will help you visualise your aim more prominently. Create a roadmap to your ideal life.

  • 3. Make A List of Things You Want to Let Go Off

  • Everyone has old pique, bitter habits, regrets, and mistakes that we want to let go of. These things weigh us down, holding onto them does not serve us any good and we need to let these things go. Create a list of things you plan to let go of in the upcoming year.

  • 4. Create A Routine But Don't Miss Out On the Fun

  • Pick up tasks, and activities that you want to incorporate into your daily life. Add them to your routine and make sure to repeat it every day for the whole year. This will slowly become a part of your schedule. This will help you discard your bitter habits and procrastination behind.

    Here are some bonus tip to make the most of this year. Create bucket and resolutions lists according to your priority.

    We have listed some resolutions that you can take up in the coming year -

    1. Work out to be fit
    2. Practice kindness and gratitude
    3. Reduce your share of waste. Choose a greener way of life
    4. Volunteer more
    5. Turn off the phone once a night a week
    6. Clear your clutter out
    7. Read at least one book a month 
    8. Go to places you have never been to 
    9. Learn as many new skills as you can 
    10. Invest time, money and effort into your wellbeing

    Here are some unique bucket list ideas -

    1. Travel to new places and countries
    2. Swim in all the oceans 
    3. See the Northern Lights 
    4. Go on a Safari tour around Africa 
    5. Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef 
    6. Ride a hot air balloon 
    7. Run a marathon 
    8. Get that crazy hairstyle you always wanted to try but never had the courage to
    9. Perform at an open-mic 
    10. Adopt a pet (or three)

    Concluding Thoughts

    A clear strategy to achieve all your goals will make you intentional and passionate. Writing all of these down in our planners will help you visualise your goals better. You can track the steps and decisions you have taken and the progress you have made, making it more clear of where you are right now and how far you are from your desired goal. 

    Apart from all this give yourself the time to soak in the emotions, enjoy everything you do and find time for your loved ones.

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