How to Style Your Dinner Table for Christmas

A delicious Christmas dinner is the one thing people look up to on Christmas. But if you are the host don't skip decorating the dinner table. Make it completely picture-perfect. From ferns and Christmas balls to pine cones and warm candles, lights incorporate all of this in your dining table setting.  

Decide on the theme of the table, will it spread a merry vibe or an elegant aura? Find inspiration for your table decor here. If you already have a Christmas party theme you will just need to align your Christmas table decor to the theme.

From nature-inspired styles, and eclectic colour-loaded themes to playful merry decor and elegant black-green tones, you can choose from a variety of ideas and even mismatch them.

Your table decor will also depend on the number of guests you are hosting and how big your dining table is. So, what are you waiting for? Check these whimsical and amazing table decor ideas out for your table decor for Christmas dinner.

Classic Gold & Red

Incorporating gold & red tones can be the best and safest thing you can choose to style your dinner table for Christmas supper. It looks grand and elegant, to say the least. Get a red tablecloth and cloth napkins that have red accents for starters. Next up, choose some
golden cutlery, gold accent dinnerware and drinkware with hints of gold. Add a little spice to the whole decor with a gold-toned candle stand.

Joyous Christmas-y Tone

This Christmas you can keep the playful tone alive at your Christmas dinner. Skip making it look elegant and go for casual crockery and drinkware. Place a gold or cream-toned table runner over a green-toned vase with some of your favourite white flowers in it. Let’s come to the crockeries, choose a dinner plate with a red base, for snack plates use the ones with patterns in red, a gold-toned cutlery set and an emerald green-toned glass.

Autumnal Leaf-Strewn Theme

Don’t we all love the fall colours? The muted orange and yellow, and different shades of brown and purple are a delight to work with. They can easily get paired or styled together to offer you picture-perfect home or dining table decor. This Christmas you can style your dining table with a fall theme. Choose an orange tablecloth with a caramel brown table runner. Accessorise it with an amber-brown glass vase, some subtle flowers and dried pine cones. Go for subtle white dinnerware, black and gold-toned cutlery and elegant glass.

Snowy Winterland

Neutral motifs and snowy patterns resonate with the winter season. Some mulled caramel brown and white can be perfect for this job. Go for a muted brown and white chequered table runner and place a scented candle over it. For the crockeries, you can go for a subtle white tone or a grand golden edge dinner plates and bowls, cream and gold cutlery set and minimalistic glassware. So what if it doesn't snow where you live, you can bring in the winter vibes right to your dining table.

Cheery Pastel Pink 

Create a table setting that says - Happy Christmas! Pastel pink and white is just the right colour tone for it. Lay a pastel pink table runner on a mint green tablecloth and place a vase in the shade of green on the runner. Bring out your pretty pastel pink dinner plates or white dinner sets, some exotic glassware and a cutlery set in gold. Top the whole look with some red bold berries and spiny leaves to add to the Xmas vibe. You can make the day of your guests with a pretty table-setting theme like this one.

Winter Woody Accent

Fresh greens, woody pine cones, and other wood-inspired decorations speak of winter and therefore Christmas. Let your guests dine at a complete winter-themed table. Go for a monochromatic black and white chequered table runner over a plain white tablecloth. Choose emerald green or fall-coloured dinner plates, bowls, muted cutlery, and aesthetic yet simple glassware. Add pine cones, flowers of your choice in a gradient grey glass vase and small tealights on some fresh green ferns.

Timeless Country Vibes 

If you love to flaunt the earthy side of yours then we have the perfect table-setting idea for you. Bring out all your macrame or jute table runners and get ready to set your Christmas supper table. Lay a macrame or jute table runner on a beige-tone tablecloth. Decorate the table runner with some green ferns and warm white string lights. For the crockeries go for the subtle white dinner table and silver-toned cutlery. Go for exquisite wine glasses for the drinkware to top it all.  

Serene Sublime Greens 

Not just fall tones but incorporating different tones of green can offer you a Christmas-y vibe. If you are totally in for this theme you can start with a mahogany wood-tone tablecloth. Place a green indoor plant at the centre of the table. Choose crockeries of emerald green tone with matching cutlery of silver shade. For the drinkware choose some exquisite wine glass that has an intricate design and voila your Christmas supper table is ready! This table decoration idea is perfect for the ones who love to go with elegance anytime, anywhere.

Minimal & Chic Plaids

Who said you will have to go grand for your Christmas dinner? If you have just a few family or friends coming over and want to keep the decor minimalistic then go for the traditional peach and grey plaid tablecloth. Choose a long chain of greens for a table runner. Coming to the crockeries go for the soft white and smoke grey tone dinner and starter plates. Choose a gold-tone set of cutlery and simple yet classy drinkware. To match the salient grey tones place soft grey napkins under the plates. 

Elegant & Bold Blacks 

It is always a delight to play around with the different tones and textures of black. Just because it is Christmas you do not have to cancel out on a black table setting idea. Place a beautifully crafted table runner right on top of the table. Place a white cloth napkin under your jade black dinner and snack plate. Go for a silver-toned cutlery set with exquisite drinkware. Place a green vase in the middle of the table with bold red flowers in it. This will give you a complete Christmas vibe for you and your guests.

Merry Peppermint Theme  

Peppermint stick is one of the important Christmas accents, it gives you the merry-merry feel right when you lay your eyes on it. Thus, it is always a great idea to incorporate the colours of a peppermint stick while setting your dining table. Select a table runner with stripes similar to a peppermint stick and use ferns, Christmas balls, white roses and soft white candles as decoration. Lay dinner plates in pastel pink and white shades, with cutlery in gold tones and simple yet classy drinkware.

Finishing Thoughts

Make your Christmas dinner memorable and gram-perfect. It is not just about the delicious food but also the feel. It is all about how your guests feel about devouring the dinner table. Setting the table aesthetically can enhance the complete experience of the Christmas dinner. Even if you are not hosting a Christmas party or having a small get-together, you can always take inspiration from here and set the table for yourself. 

So, bring out the Christmas decorations and placements, it is time to decorate your dining table for Christmas dinner. The ideas shared here are easy to attain but immensely impactful.

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