Ikigai: Finding the Purpose of Being

The mind-boggling concept of the Ikigai comes from the “island of longevity”, Okinawa. The residents of this island are known to live up to 100 years, happily. The meaning of Ikigai translates into the ‘reason for being.’ Ikigai is the mantra to finding your dream career, happiness in what you do, how to stay active and whatnot. Here are few things, people who follow Ikigai swear by -

  1. Don’t Retire even when your career has ended. Remain engaged in different activities and help others to bring beauty to your and others' lives. 
  2. Do It In Your Pace no matter what it is. When you are in a hurry it depicts that you are stressed out and not in control of what you are doing. 
  3. Do Not Overeat any of your meals. No matter how lip-smacking your food is, eat until you feel 80% full. 
  4. Have Good Friends Around You to enjoy the quality time now and then. There is nothing like sharing a few laughs over some delicious mouthwatering food. 
  5. Start Connecting With Nature, go get out in the greens once in a while and watch it recharge your soul. 
  6. Keep Smiling to maintain the happy-go-lucky attitude. This will keep you and the people around you cheerful. 
  7. Keep Moving Always, it can be a small movement of any kind. Give yourself a sense of a stir, by not staying stagnant in one place. 
  8. Practice Gratitude, it does not necessarily have to be a person. Be thankful for everything, and find beauty in all the things around you. 
  9. Go With Your Passion & Talent, it will motivate you to do your best and contribute to the world. If you haven’t found your passion, then it's time you go explore and find it. 
  10. Be Present In Now, let go of any regrets, resentments and stress. Live in now, enjoy and learn from every moment.

Concluding Thoughts

Finding what you love will gradually lead you to your goals. In Between do not forget to enjoy the little laughs at the dining table with our family, the friendly banter amongst a friend group, or a little solo trip to your cafe or bookstore, these things make our lives worthwhile. Try to make the best of your life. Take some time to enjoy the world around you. After all, it is the small joys that give meaning to our lives. 

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