Made In India - An Initiative To Showcase Indian Craftsmanship

India is the home of diverse indigenous craftsmen. It has a unique history of art and craft that has made its mark worldwide. 

Nonetheless, it is among the very few countries whose artisanal heritage isn’t only rich but diverse as well. Numerous handicraft practices, be it on textile, wooden products, clay products, or embroidery, have been passed down over generations. The local artisans of India are known for their remarkable craftsmanship.

Wine & Cheese Platter

But unfortunately for the craftsmen of our country, the lockdown has left them to work less. This is mainly because of the lack of opportunities in the wide marketplace. Luckily many organisations have come forward with innovative ideas to incorporate the skill of the rural artisans of India. The June Shop is among many such organisations assisting handicraft artisans to showcase their local art in the world marketplace.

Decline In Local Art 

Apart from agriculture, the rural economy is mostly engaged in producing handmade items including handloom, pottery, jute items, embroidered craft, and more. They have been presently driven by the loss of the marketplace, difficulty in mass production, issues in catering to the modern market, and a rapid decline in the number of craftsmen. It is significant that we urgently work to preserve the culture, history, heritage, and most importantly the occupation of the local craftsmen.

Digging up the history of India will show how local handicraft was royally praised by Kings of the renowned dynasty. But, as the world slowly industrialised, the relevance of indigenous art gradually declined. Indian artisans have decreased by around 30 percent in the past few decades, the main reason behind it being informal work settings.

Preserving the Indigenous Handicraft Sector  

Alongside trade fairs, the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ or the ‘Make In India’ drive is working for reviving the craft, culture, and history of the local handmade industry. These drives are working to help the rural handicraft sector by estimating the profit and loss, demand in the domestic and international market, pros and cons of expanding the sector, etc.

Star Macrame Handmade Wall Hanging With Fairy Lights

Empowering the local, rural and urban Indian craft, preserves the art and culture, offers the skilled artisans a better livelihood, and motivates citizens to uplift the handicraft industry and its products.

All of these elements have led The June Shop to come up with a section solely dedicated to local handmade products. We have incorporated a section, Make in India which consists of various stationery items, lifestyle products, daily-use handmade products, and fashion accessories, made by the local artisans of India. 

Let’s discuss further the products at TJS.

Make In India Products at TJS 

We shop what we see on social media, thus TJS has come up with some innovative products that lure shoppers to invest in the hard work of local artisans.

Starting from iPhone covers, wooden products, leather products, vegan products, financial planners, wedding planners, to lapel pins. We have a collection of quirky, cute yet functional products for shoppers to use and show off. We have not emphasized preserving local art, offer artisans with work but make a lot of collections sustainable.

Card Holder Wallet

In the case of our planners and lapel pins, we have made sure that the artisans could showcase their skills and hard work. The pins are hand painted, hand curved, and hand-cut by artisans all over India. The same goes for the planners of our collection.  

The wooden products and leather products are mostly comprised of homeware designs and lifestyle items are all sustainable. From roti or chapati box to vegan leather stands are sustainable. Ditching the use of plastic not only ensures eco-friendliness but sustainability as well. One can use our wooden products for as long as they want.

B***h Mood - Lapel Pin

It is not only limited to shopping anymore. The moment you opt for our Make In India product you choose to contribute to the Karigars of India.

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