Making Your Home Look Expensive On A Budget

Everyone has their aesthetic, but decorating a home is a different ball game. Bringing together a look is an art and you, too, can master it!

We all want our home to appear sophisticated, while it resonates with your taste. Making your home look expensive and classy doesn't mean showering money. You do not have to spend all your money and make your home look flashy. 

If you had an unlimited budget to renovate your home, what fun would it be? Home decor becomes fun when you are short on budget. Revamping a place and making it look like a million bucks without breaking the bank must be challenging, but it gets your creative juices flowing. 

We're here to break the myth - looking expensive is not budget-friendly. Let's uncover the cheat codes to an expensive-looking home on a budget. Pay attention to small details, play around and make the most of your budget. Without wasting another moment let's dive into the tips for making your home look opulent. 

Large Wall Art

There's something about large wall art. They give a luxurious touch to your space without burning a hole in your pocket. Large wall art is super easy to get your hands on. Are you feeling crafty? DIY one. On a shopping spree but on a budget? Thrift one. Or just pick one online.

Large wall art or canvases gives the illusion that it is expensive. An abstract painting is just a cherry on top. You can style it in your bedroom behind your headrest, the living room wall behind the seating area or your dining space, given the room is spacious.


Achieving an expensive look with too many things in your space is just next to impossible. The very first step, and the no-cost one, is decluttering. It doesn't demand a penny, yet it is the most effective step. Many confuse decluttering with minimalism, but you need not have to be a minimalist to declutter.

When we have too many things in our space, it is impossible to make each one of them look like they belong there. So, you can start decluttering based on what doesn't look "at home". The only thing decluttering asks you to do is be crucially selective. 

Perfectly Sized Rugs 

Rugs may go unnoticed when entering a home, but they have the potential to make your space look like a million dollars. Every space needs a rug. Don't just skip a room just because it is too small. Go for a smaller version of a rug or a carpet and place it smartly in the room.

Leave space around the rug; this will make the room not only expensive but spacious. If you have an open home, you can incorporate rugs to separate individual spaces. A textured, patterned or solid colour rug is a perfect choice to make your home look expensive.

Flowers Or Plants

Think of spas or elegant restaurants; all of them have a touch of greenery or blooms. Every home needs a bit of plant; this brings life to it. If your house needs a bit of decor and you are on a budget, this is what you should go for.

Do not think it over and choose from plants like monstera, rubber plants, peace lilies, pothos, or palm plants. You may also decorate corners or side tables with some flowers. It is up to you what flowers you want to get, but you can put in the effort to choose an elegant vase

Update The Lamps 

If you choose the right, lamps can be the life of your room. Lamps complement the all-over home decor. To get a luxe appearance for your home, you can always swap your older lampshades with newer versions.

You can get the most chic lamp for your home in your budget. Browse our lamps collection, and we are sure you will get one that matches your preference or the decor of your space. Lamps with pastel colours or metallic gold finish give out an expensive look to the all-over room.

An Accent Table

A centre or a side table is a must for every home. Any room will feel incomplete without a table. So, there's always a scope to go creative with a piece that you just cannot skip. We would advise you to choose an accent table over a regular one.

This gives a classy touch to the surrounding without having to put in much effort. Check out our collection of tables, from marble finish tops to mahogany finish tops. We have all in store for you. These tables would not steal the whole attention yet add more drama to the whole scene. 

Choose A Scent 

A sweet, subtle and mild smell can create a sensory experience that resonates with opulence. There's nothing more effective than a luxurious smell. This will give your guests an illusion of grandeur. Get hold of a humidifier or a diffuser than a room spray.

Run the humidifier or diffuser, put in your favourite essential oils and enjoy an expensive experience on a budget. You may also use a candle, warm wax lights or a plug-in fragrance. Choose ylang-ylang, lavender oils, jasmine, eucalyptus, Roman chamomile and more. These smells have the potential to give the whole space an elegant feel.

Add Luxury Elements  

When we ask you to incorporate luxury items, you do not have to go all out. Like, you can certainly install a marble top to get a luxurious bathroom. However, that is not the only way. You can save up at some places with low-traffic areas or are less prone to get noticed.

By saving in these areas, you can invest in luxurious elements to style spaces that hold more value. It could be a marble basin, a gold candle holder, or an elegant coffee table. This will help the whole place look more expensive, and you do not spend more than you should. 

Pick Vintage Items

Retro pieces are elegant, and when styled in your living, dining space, or bedroom, they instantly make it look expensive. Vintage items have a different charm about themselves. Even if you are not someone who doesn't align their aesthetic with antique and vintage, you are still bound to find something that is to your taste.

It can be an apothecary table, rattan chairs or mirrors, black and white photographs or the ones that have turned yellow, ornamental frames, vintage lamps, and the list goes on and on. You can also choose artefacts or decorative pieces; there are boundless options.   

Concluding Thoughts 

Your home represents you; there's no need to go by the trend when you can reflect your aesthetics in your space. But there's always the urge to make your home look lavish. Everyone has this wrong perception that classy home decor has to burn a hole in your pocket. Thus, we have come up with these tricks to help you amp up your home. As you read along, you will realise how making your space resonate with the luxury duplex from a Hollywood movie only requires focusing on small details. It is just as we say; the magic is in the little things. 

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