Products to Change Your View On Sustainability

A person produces around 4.5 pounds of waste in a day. You will be surprised to know that most of it comprises recyclable materials. This waste harms the environment, including mankind, wildlife, marine life, etc. All of these concerns have led us to create sustainable and vegan products. 

Sustainable living might seem to be tough, but it is a cakewalk once you grasp the idea of it. To make things even simpler we bring to you a glimpse of our vegan and sustainable daily use products. Without any further ado, let's get started. 

Wine & Cheese Platter

Forget using paper plates or bowls at the next party you host. This Wine & Cheese Platter is here to help you avoid contributing to any more plastic waste. Moreover, it is a practical serve ware to add to your collection. Your guests will love the idea of conveniently carrying the wine glass and snacks everywhere they go.

Chic Wooden Fruit Holder 

With this Chic Wooden Fruit Holder, you not only opt for sustainability but also elegance and innovation. You can choose this fruit holder over any plastic one. Here’s the fun part, when you pick up one fruit you can enjoy watching the other fruits going back and forth in the holder. 

Leather Desk Organizer Tray

For many people out there, leather is a symbol of elegance and class, but they are not cruelty-free. Hence, we have come with this Leather Desk Organizer Tray which is made of vegan leather. Now you can keep your glasses, earphones, pens, smartphones, etc. in place and style. 

Wooden Party Pizza Serving Platter 

Have fun at the next party with a dash of sustainability with this Wooden Party Pizza Serving Platter. Just when someone picks up a slice of pizza, ask them to perform the dare written on the platter. This way you save up on just not the platter but on having to organize a game for your guests. 


Leather Coasters with Holder 

Save your furniture from unnecessary spots from your drinks in a vegan way. Our vegan Leather Coasters with Holder is here to stay classy even while having a drink. This will add elegance to your tableware along with utmost convenience and utility. The holder will help you to keep the vegan leather coasters in one place. 

Wooden Wall Clock with Shelves 

Ever thought of a Wooden Wall Clock with Shelves? Well, now you can, this is one of the most innovative products that we have in our collection. You can keep artifacts, showpieces, small books, and much more on these shelves. This product offers you complete sustainability and utility as it works as a clock and shelf. 

Wooden Candle U Holder 

Have a romantic time sustainably with our Wooden Candle U Holder. This not only offers you a convenient way to set up a candle-lit dinner but elegance as well. The U holder can be the centerpiece of your dining table. Moreover, it endorses the idea of eco-friendly along with the class.  

Card Holder Wallet

If you are someone who swears by the idea of going cashless this vegan leather Card Holder Wallet is perfect for you. This does not only offer you the convenience to keep your cards and cash in one place but provides you with the class as well. It is an all in all sustainable product. 

Smart Sofa Arm Rest with Cup Holder

Add this unique, and sustainable Smart Sofa Arm Rest with Cup Holder to your collection. Now you can keep your wine glasses, coffee mugs, and bowls on the arm rest of your sofa. This will help you in sipping on your drinks or beverages with ease. Besides, you will not have to worry about any spill. 


Multi-Purpose Leather Stand 

Keep your stationery and other necessary items in one place with this vegan Multi-purpose Leather Stand. This vegan leather stand organizer can enhance the look of your work desk along with keeping your things organized. This can also stand out to be an amazing birthday or housewarming gift. 

Wooden Cube Table Night Lamp with Dimmer

We all love dim lighting at times and this Wooden Cube Table Night Lamp with Dinner is just the perfect piece. You can now switch to sustainable lighting and avoid unnecessary high voltage lighting with this table night lamp. This comes with a dimmer so that you can control the lighting according to your mood and offers extensive convenience. 

Smart Wooden Hook 

Say goodbye to plastic hooks with our Smart Wooden Hook. Now you can save your jackets, bags, and much more from getting lost with this Smart Wooden Hook. Here’s the creative touch you can push back and pull forth the hooks according to your requirement. You can even put up pretty wall hangings on this hook. 

Final Thoughts 

Our products showcase how you can choose to live a sustainable life yet be in style. Living by the idea of being eco-friendly is neither tough nor impossible. You just need to make up your mind to choose a greener way of life and you are halfway there. Furthermore, our products are here to lead the way to sustainable living. 

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