Solo Date Ideas To Pamper Yourself This Valentine's Day

Do you think solo dates on V-Day are for the one who is not in a romantic relationship? Let us stop you right there! This post is for everyone, and we mean it. It is for the ones in a romantic relationship and the ones who aren't. Valentine's Day is the day of embracing and enjoying love. What can be better than pampering yourself, falling in love or connecting with yourself? You do not have a date, take this chance to go on a self-date!

Does your partner live in another city or country? Or are they genuinely busy on V-Day? Do not feel like you will be left out or overthink it. Spend the day with yourself. Do whatever you like. It can be something you have always wanted to do but never got the chance. Go out (or stay in maybe) and do what your heart desires. Even though you didn’t have any such wish, we have curated some for you! All you need to do is to pick the options you like and gather the energy and will to act on it. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Visualize YOUR V-Day

Before you finalise what to do on Valentine’s Day you need to first visualise the day. Do you want to stay in or step out of your room? Want to fill the day with activities or walk carelessly in your city? Or do you want to have a smooth blend of both? Plan how you want the day to go and this includes things you want to do. Are you done visualising your V-Day? Now let’s delve into some amazing ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day solo date!    

  • Visit A Pop-Up Events

  • Love everything unique and quirky? Are you on a shopping spree? Then you know the perfect place to visit this V-Day - pop-up events! These events are just the right place to find quirky and out-of-the-box decor, accessories, etc. items. You will need to do a little research as to where one such event is occurring around the city. Not only do you get to lay hands on some never-seen-before items but also get to interact with a strong community of entrepreneurs, connect with them and get inspired. 

  • Go Out & Be Touristy In Your City

  • Feeling a little touristy but cannot take out the time? No worries you can take a small tour in and around your city. Play a little dress up and pack your bag with the items you will need around the day. Step out of your home and visit places you haven’t before. But first, put your phone on DND to make sure you aren’t distracted for a bit. Make a list of all the hidden gems, try out new cafes, and most importantly treat yourself. Take a bike ride, or just walk and use public transport to feel like an actual tourist. You may not get this feeling if you travel in a car.

  • A Solo Picnic Outing

  • The end of winter and the onset of spring is ideal for a picnic date. Take the advantage of the season and plan a solo picnic on Valentine’s Day. Pack your favourite meal and drink in a picnic basket. The idea is to have fun by yourself. Go to a serene place, relish the delicious meal you have cooked while listening to calming music, enjoying a good book or bingeing a show. Make sure you pack everything you need starting from the mat, to your tab or phone. Carry your meals in a heat-insulated lunch box!

  • Invoke The Creative Consciousness In You

  • Is your life going in circles and is it making you lose interest in the hobbies you loved the most? Do not let the monotony and stress get in the way of connecting with your creative consciousness. This V-Day, take some time off to brush up on your artistic skills. If you are into singing or dancing make sure you go to a workshop near you, practice a melody, or learn a new choreography. In case you are into painting, visit an art supply store, look for what catches your fancy and head over to your nearest park. Devote this Valentine’s Day to nurture your creativity.

  • Movie Marathon

  • Did you have a rough week or two and all you want to do is unwind? What’s a better day than V-Day to pamper yourself and de-stress? And if you are willing to stay indoors and turn into a sloth bear, we have got you. It’s your day and be unapologetic about which movies you choose to watch. Whether they are cliche rom-com, complex sci-fi or twisted psychological thrillers. No need to pause during an interesting scene, get this serve ware and set your phone on the stand. Here are some amazing film recommendations - 
    • Clueless
    • Lala Land
    • Begin Again
    • Eat Pray Love 
    • Gravity
    • Dune
    • Mother
    • Nocturnal Animals  
    • The Woman in the Window
    • The Dark Knight

  • Go To A Local Concert

  • It is Valentine’s Day and a concert is sure to take place in your city. So, book a ticket for yourself and enjoy some amazing music on this special day. Enjoy your heart out, eat from a nearby food truck and make every bit of the evening memorable. Your friends promised to join you but ditched at the last minute, no worries go all by yourself and you will surely have a great time. Meet, dance, sing along and make friends with strangers at the concert to make the most of it!

  • Treat Yourself

  • The idea behind a self-date is to treat yourself. So why not pamper yourself with a relaxing and rejuvenating spa day? Choose yourself over everyone this V-Day and take care of your skin. Book yourself a spa session at a parlour. If you are in the mood to splurge go for a luxurious one and feel like a new person as you step out of the parlour. In case you are too lazy to go to a parlour, pamper yourself in the comfort of your home with the hair and skin care products you have at home. Include bath sets that leave a exotic feel! 


  • Coffee Date With A Book

  • It’s almost like a sin to skip coffee & book kinda dates while talking about self-dates. The warm feeling of leafing through books in an old bookstore is simply unmatched. Sit on a comfy chair and read books that seemed promising. A cafe attached to the bookstore can be a cherry on top. If you are lucky enough to spot such a bookstore you can get a coffee of your choice, head on to a cosy corner and spend a few hours solving the mystery at the Louvre Museum with Prof. Robert Langdon. 

  • Go Watch A Play Or A Musical

  • Plays are appreciated by audiences of distinct tastes. Moreover, this could be your perfect escape from the monotonous circle of life. Make the solo-date idea all about dressing up and taking yourself out on an evening date. Book a ticket to a play or musical you had on your wishlist for way too long. Breathe life into emotions that you never knew existed. The best part is that there’ll be no one to share their two cents on how the plot is going - yes we’ve been there and it is quite annoying.  

    Finishing Thoughts

    Now when you see your friend’s IG story enjoying V-Day with their loved ones you will feel a little left out. Without feeling low, use this time to connect and know yourself. It is important to have loved ones by your side but it is even more important to embrace alone time. This helps you create a healthy relationship within, as the most important relationship you will ever have in your life is with yourself. Hence, this V-Day do not feel low and stressed about being alone but enjoy it to the fullest (and as long as you can).

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