Throw An Unforgettable Holi Party

Holi is the sprightly festival of colour, spring and bonds. It is among the grandest festivals in India. The silver screen or the OTT platforms truly depict the splendour of Holi. The festival is celebrated with love, energy and high spirit. The uncountable Holi songs must have (at least once) made you feel like throwing a Holi party yourself. Yet, the stress of organising can instantly make you discard the thought. But hey, don’t let that stress take away the joy of organising a party for your loved ones. If you put a little effort into it, your guests will remember the party forever. You don't need to worry about what to buy and how to arrange the party. We have got you covered. Make Basant Panchami 2023 the best one to date. We have listed some party essentials to swear by. Your Holi party is going to be the best one so far. 

Herbal Colours For Holi 2023


Everyone is going gaga over herbal colours these days. They have benefits unlike the non-herbal ones, no wonder they are people’s favourites. Who would like to wake up with a face like a raccoon even after washing it several times? And let’s not forget the number of people getting rashes, allergies and acne due to chemical ones.

So, you now know exactly which colour to choose for your party. Gulco herbal colours are truly the best and you can blindly trust them. Forget having the residue of colour, getting rashes or pimples; these colours don’t even stick to your skin. You get to enjoy Holika Dahan 2023, the festival of colour, without having to worry about the consequences.


Drink Dispenser 


It is not Holi if you do not drink thandai or bhang and go crazy! Holi and drinking go side by side. This includes alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. If you are hosting a 2023 Holi party it is a MUST to have a counter of different types of drinks. Include drinks for everyone, drinkers and non-drinkers. Make a station with drink dispensers, this way you will give your guests the liberty to drink whatever they want and whenever they want.

You will not have to spend your money on a server or a bartender. Now does it sound enticing? The drink dispenser at TJS is not only sturdy but has a vintage look to it. The dispensers can be used for thandai, sherbet, cocktails, mocktails, bhang, and whatnot. 

Double Walled Coloured Glasses 


While we are on the topic of drinks, let's talk about drinkware as well. It is Holi, so let’s not serve drinks in regular glasses. Ensure the 2023 Holi is the most colourful one with colourful drinkware. When all your guests are covered with Holi colours, holding a simple glass can tone down the vibe of the party.

Don’t let that happen! When hosting a blockbuster Holi party make sure you are shopping for some colourful drinkware. Serve drinks in trendy and vibrant glasses. Our coloured double-walled glasses are just the right fit for all these requirements and every kind of drink. These glasses are available in different vivid shades and designs to spruce up your party.


Drinking Game Glass Set 


It would be a sin to not talk about drinking game sets when we are discussing drinkware. Your guests will be occupied with playing Holi, dancing, singing, pranking or goofing around during the day. But have you thought of any activities for them to do post lunch or in the evening? Also, what about introverted friends, who don’t function well in front of too many people? Arranging drinking games is how you manage such situations.

These games can be played by both big or small groups and they are too much fun. So, mark the Holi 2023 date in India Calendar
 and start shopping for your Holi party.


Holi Lapel Pins 


Want to make your Holi in 2023 a one-of-a-kind? Want the party to etch a mark in the hearts of your guests? Well, this Holi lapel pin is just what you need. Add it to your shopping list for the party. Give this pin to your guests at the entrance. Ask them to pin it on their clothes. You have guests that sport a unique symbol that only relates to your party.

This can be another cool and unique touch to your Holi party. On top of that, your friends and family can take the lapel pin home with them. It could be like a small token to take back to the house, which will remind them of the blast they had at your amazing party.


Party Props 


Party props might not mean much to you but for some, it is the life of the party. To say the least, they spice up every selfie. You can also play a little with these. The specs and moustaches do give your groupfies a silly and cartoonish look. Dedicate a stool or small at your party for these props.

This way your guests can easily make use of the props every time they click a picture. This can also contribute to making your 
Basant Panchami 2023 party memorable for your guests. These party props can add some pop of colour to the Holi after-party.

Inflatable Beer Mug 


CHUG, CHUG, CHUG - what is a party without these chants every once in a while? But make sure you are well-prepared for moments like these. Let your friends go a little crazy with a giant size beer mug. Reveal the fun element of your introvert or shy friends with a giant inflatable beer mug.

This was made for moments like these and Holi is just the right opportunity to make the most of this mug. People don’t tend to limit their fun on this day. Hence, you can introduce this to the party and let them have some beer-chugging competition of their own. Other than drinking beer in this inflatable mug, you can also use it to store the beer with ice.

Phone Stand With Sound Booster

Are you having an intimate party? With a small group of 5-10 people? Or have you decided to host a Holi party at the last minute and forgot to arrange a sound system? Don’t sweat it too much, we have the right thing for you. A phone stand with a sound booster can take all your worries away.

This is a completely hassle-free method to play and enjoy music, whenever and wherever! It doesn’t require charging and works without Bluetooth or a data cable. All you need to do is place your phone on the stand and hit ‘play’ on the screen. 


Concluding Thoughts 


To conclude, you are going to throw a super fantastic Holi party. Just relax and take a few long breaths. All you need to do is make a checklist and all the things done or shop for everything you need for the party. The party essentials listed here are just made for you to host a never-seen-before and larger-than-life Holi party. Make sure your party is full of life and doesn’t miss any kind of spice. Moreover, this curated list of party essentials must have made arranging a party super easy and fun. So, what are you waiting for? Go call your friends and family to ask them to the party based on the Holi 2023 date in India Calendar. 

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