Top 10 Diwali gift Ideas to give Friends and Family for Deepawali 2021

The festival of lights is just around the corner. Diwali brings us happiness and lots of prosperity. This year it is going to be extra special. Everyone has been rooting for Diwali 2021 since the hovering clouds of pandemic have started to clear a little. On a lighter note we all know that this festival is all about gifts. So let's get into the fun part quickly. 

We love receiving presents, but we want to receive good ones. Unfortunately we end up getting packs of Soan Papdi which surely has completed its world tour. What are the other typical things you’ve ever received on Diwali? We’ll go first!

Boring Box of Chocolates, everyone loves chocolates but every time seems a little too much. Next up we have Dry Fruits, a safe choice, but then again it’s very quintessential. The list is not very long and we already know all of it. This year why not change the entire gifting game?

Let’s get on a trend where we gift meaningful things to our dear ones. This Festive season,  give your family and friends unique articles that you know they will love. We present you an array of gifting ideas from our exciting collections:


The spirit of this entire festival revolves around illumination. Enlightening our souls and our homes. The legend says that lighting up diyas and candles guides positivity into our homes. Candle Holders are best suited for gifting. It holds the spirit of diwali and also conveys the message that you want your loved ones always around the light. Candle Holders are elegant and match the aesthe. If you choose them for a gift make sure you select the wooden ones since they are fancy and perfect. 

Lamps and Lights

Continuing the theme, we would like to add lamps and lights as an option to your list. If you think candle holders are not going with your vibe. You can choose this as an alternative. Little lamps or even fairy lights are trending these days. Decor experts often advise, to incorporate lights in your living space. So feel free to wrap up a chic lamp. Below are  a couple of our favorites from our collection. Feel free to browse through our Lamps and Lights collection for better ideas. 

Bags and Wallet

There are certain things which remain classic. Bags and wallets never go out of style.  There is something that says elegance about gifting wallets. Wallets are great for all your male friends, they will love it. If you want something similar for your dear ladies you can always look for clutches. Besides that why not get your female friends adorable totes. They are casual yet super practical. Check out the images below for some inspiration or for an elaborate search check out our website. 


Are you confused about what to give your Perfection frenzies? Say no more! As perplexing as it can be, we know just what they would adore. An Organiser! For someone who needs everything to be perfect ,they always find ways to arrange things and sort everything. Look for table organisers, trinket trays, bookends, storage bags,etc. Even if you don’t know any such people. Organisers are always suitable to gift your work colleagues, for your siblings, mothers and any one you know who will like it. This Wooden Desk organiser already sounds perfect.


Younger siblings and cousins can be naughty but life would be so empty without them. Show them your love by gifting them exciting stationery. Stationery is a great idea if you want to gift your kids as well. Stationery is a versatile choice. Get planners for your parents and express your affection. View our entire range of stationery for more ideas. 


Tableware ware is a star idea. Every household needs them. Everyone will be fond of such gifts. Currently chic and minimalist tableware are trending. To name a few you can look for dinner sets, serving dishes, dessert platters, cutlery sets, etc.You don’t even need to think twice before purchasing them as presents. Wrap them up and add a crunch to their existing collection. Head on to The June Shop for an impressive and stunning carousel of tableware.

Tea/Coffee mugs

There are two kinds of people, tea lovers and coffee lovers. Thankfully, finding gifts for them is not as conflicting as their preferences. For the ones fond of tea get them a cup and saucer set. You can also add a kettle while curating a hamper for them. Coffee freaks will love jumbo coffee mugs so that they can enjoy hefty amounts of their favourite coffee. Or you can even get them elegant cups that serve both the purposes. Our favourite is this Gold rimmed coffee mugs.


This is a safe yet classy choice. Artefacts show that you have a great taste. Someone who is crazy about home decor will fancy artefacts. These items elevate your space and add to the luxe feel. Art pieces to decorate your side tables and even wall hanging to design your walls. These are perfect gifts to take to a diwali party. Take a look at this Ceramic Gold Plated Reindeer Vases

Recipe journals

Recipe journal is such a thoughtful gift. Especially for your mothers or someone who loves to cook. This adds a personal touch to your gift and will make them think that you know them very well. These journals are helpful when you want to keep track of new recipes or note a completely organic recipe of your own. This My kitchen My Rules is an apt example.

Bar Accessories

We have kept the best for the last! We all know someone who loves parties and would kill to have their own little bar set-up. This is an out of the box idea. Rarely do people think of gifting something like this on any occasion. But this doesn’t mean that it’s not doable. It can be as elegant as a wine rack or as quirky as shot glasses.

Have a look at this Pool Shot Game, now kinda impressive.

In conclusion we would leave you with this blog full of ideas and hope that it serves some purpose. Before signing off we wish you a Happy and a safe Diwali. We request you to celebrate it in an eco-friendly way and not burst any crackers.

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