Top Christmas Buys Under 1500

Are you in the middle of Christmas shopping or in a dilemma about what to buy? Then you have come to the right place. It is never too early to start Christmas shopping. Whether you have the habit to shop early or postpone it to the last minute, you will not have to pick from someone else’s wishlist. 

The festive season is supposed to be the brightest of days. But there’s no lie that the hectic Christmas gift or decor shopping list makes it a bit gloomy and stressful. We tend to procrastinate on making the list and keep on delaying it.

Hence, we have curated a list of some happening Christmas buys. Here we will be highlighting some of the greatest Christmas buys of the year. You may even choose a gift from this list for your loved ones.


Christmas decor doesn’t necessarily mean extravaganza and going for the loud decor collectables. Decorating your home with simple decor pieces like a macrame wall hanging can add extra charm. Simply hanging a macrame wall art can brighten up the whole place.

Most of these wall art comes with fairy lights which makes it just the right decor piece for Christmas. Our Macrame Wall Hanging collection ranges from 999 to 1,799 INR.

Amber Vase Reed Diffuser

The elements of fall are quite evident in our Christmas decor. People tend to incorporate various tones of orange, brown, red and yellow in their Christmas home decor. But you can take the game a step ahead with our Amber Vase Reed Diffuser.

It has dried pine cones and twigs as reeds in a vintage amber brown glass bottle that brings in the fall essence. Keep the fall vibes alive at just 999 INR. Not only enhances the look of your home but keeps it aromatic.  

Elegant Pastel Dual Tone Planter

Christmas decor is incomplete without a beautiful planter. Your plants need a little pampering during the festive season. And the Elegant Pastel Dual Tone Planter is just the perfect option for it. This planter has the perfect combination of brightness and subtlety.

You can choose a colour of your choice according to the aesthetic of your decor. It is big enough to fit your large indoor plant babies. Get this classy planter at just 999 INR.

Large Ceramic Soup & Cake Mug

Christmas week calls for hot mug cakes, hot chocolate, soups or a spicy hot bowl of ramen and this is why we have mindfully included the Large Ceramic Soup & Mug in our collection. This soup mug comes in a red tone that is just apt for the festive season.

You can bake a mug cake or brew hot chocolate and enjoy it while cosying up in your bed and some feather-soft quilt. Serve your guests in this large mug and match the festive vibe. This is super affordable and available at just 399 INR.

Contemporary Flower Vase

A vase is one of the significant parts of any sort of decor, be it Christmas or another occasion. The Contemporary Flower Vase when placed on a side table, centre table or sideboard will enhance the look of the room. Place carnations, roses, daisies, tulips, lilies or any other flower of your choice.

The ripple effect glass, golden band on the neck and beautiful tone of the vase makes it perfect for the festive season. This flower vase is priced at just 499 INR.

Scented Decorative Candle

Some decorative candles on the dining table, centre table, night stand or shelf can add some glam to your Xmas decor. Incorporating a candle into your decor can never go wrong. We have a collection of gorgeous Decorative Scented Candles that will add spice to your decor.

They come in different colours, shapes, smells and designs for you to choose from. Light it up to fill your room with an aromatic smell. You can choose a decorative candle starting from 399 to 1099.

Air Tight Storage Glass Jars

We are all in for Christmas decor but we simply cannot ignore the importance of amping up the essentials. If you organize Christmas parties at your home you must be familiar with the scenario that half of your party gradually ascends in the kitchen including you. Thus, you have to renovate your kitchen space.

These Air Tight Storage Glass Jars offer a unique and classy way to store away your snacks, nibbles and cookies. This glass jar set is available at just 699 in three different sizes.

Shark Emerging Wine Glass

Christmas calls for a grand supper and some wine. But why would you stick to those boring wine glasses when we have the Shark Emerging Wine Glass? As you finish off the wine sip by sip a shark will emerge from beneath the glass.

You bet your guests would be super charmed by this unique and well-crafted shark-emerging wine glass. It will add the right portion of spice to your festive decor. Add this to your glassware collection at just 1,449 INR.  

Wine & Cheese Platter

Cheese and wine are an evergreen combo at every Christmas party. But serving them separately seems like a lot of trouble. Hence, we have come forward with a Wine & Cheese Platter made of supreme quality wood.

It will instantly become a party favourite as it makes sipping on wine and taking small bites of cheese cubes completely hassle-free. It has a minimalistic and elegant look that will make the guests complement your taste. This wooden wine and cheese platter can be yours at 1,149 INR.

Christmas Fur Wine Bottle Cover

A lot of people follow the ritual of gifting wine to the party hosts. If you are one of them then this Christmas Fur Wine Bottle Cover is a must-have. This wine bottle cover resonates with the Christmas tone and decor in every way.

The fur collar makes it Christmas-perfect. You can even get this set for yourself, place a wine bottle in it and use it as a home decor piece. Trust this wine bottle cover set to bring in the Christmas vibe right to your party. Grab this at an affordable price of just 449 INR.

Xmas Tree Infinity Light

Lights have to be the prime focus of any festive decor and when it comes to Christmas parties decorative lights become a must. We have come up with the appropriate Christmas lights but with an innovative twist. Imagine a decorative light that gives an illusion of an infinite tunnel with a unique design that is just perfect for the festive theme.

We introduce the
Xmas Tree - Infinity Light that will step up the decor game of your Christmas party. The elegant design with a unique design makes it a must-have priced at just 949 INR.

Warm White Led Star String Light

String lights are an important part of any party or festive decor, thus we give an extra effort to come up with innovative designs of lights. We have a large collection of led string lights in warm white or yellow colours. Decorate your balcony, room, Christmas tree, living space, walls or patio with these pretty lights.

These lights can spruce up any decor for your Christmas party. These
String Lights can be used to showcase polaroids that are close to your heart. Choose a light according to your needs at an affordable price. Our string lights are available at a range of 349-899 INR.

Matte Black Baking Tray

Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cakes, fudges and pies are the attraction of Christmas parties. The supper is incomplete without some sweet dessert at the end. If you are having a party at your place and thinking of baking some of these desserts then you must get yourself this Matte Black Baking Tray.

This comes in a jade black tone that will resonate with the winter and fall themes. You can not only bake in this tray but also serve your guests in this. Grab this baking tray at just 750 INR today!

Concluding Thoughts

This Christmas take it a little light, trust us and choose a product from this list. Christmas is one of the brightest times of the day and you must not let the burden of a shopping list stress you out. Select products of your choice, sit back and relax, you will surely be overwhelmed. Moreover, all of these products are super affordable and fall under the 300-1500 INR price segment, so you do not burn a hole in your pocket. But, if you are willing to splurge a little more you can try out the Christmas Tree Shaped Serving Tray.

This serving tray comes with three snack plates and a wooden serving tray all shaped like a Christmas tree. It is just perfect to serve different kinds of nibbles together and comes in multiple colours. Whether you are arranging a huge party or calling over some friends and family, you will definitely need chic serveware. This resonates with the tone of Christmas and it will spice up the mood of your party.

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