Indulging in eco-friendly beauty hacks

While we’re all aware that keeping plants at home can improve mood and energies the environment. They pretty much do the same for our skin and so much more! Let’s get a dose of some useful beauty hacks by exploring cruelty-free beauty products.


Living in a stressful environment can take a toll on your body with the most visible areas being your skin and hair.  The June Shop has introduced an all new sustainable beauty edit which will help rejuvenate your body and become your go-to beauty fix. These products will not only work on distressed areas concerning your skin and hair, they’ll also add tons of glam so you can step out looking like an absolute diva!  


Upgrade your daily beauty regime with our brand-new offerings from the sustainable beauty edit:


Blend it like perfection!

Made out of cruelty-free microfibers, our beauty blender is easy to use and its smooth texture will help you achieve the perfect contoured look. Gone are the days of blotchy foundation spots as you can just blend your way to a flawless look.



Get your perfect click with insta-ready lips by using our eclectic range of lipsticks. You can pick lip shade as per your different moods- Go bold with red hot lips, up your style game with mocha lips, channel your inner goth with black lips, step into a sunny day with orange lips, go easy breezy with nude lips or keep it classy with pretty pink lips!


Just wing it!

Let your eyes do the talking with gentle strides of khol defining them. Our smooth gel glide kajal will add to your charm by elevating the glint in your eyes. Get ready to transform your look with perfectly defined eyes.


Plump goodness

Who doesn’t desire naturally plump and supple lips? Dip into our lip butter, lip mask and lip oils that lock in the moisture to keep the softness intact.





Fuzz-free, luscious tresses is the dream of every girl. And now you can achieve that with our hair balm that gives you smooth and shiny hair, ready to be styled for any occasion. Right from beachy waves to messy buns and party-stunner sleek pony tails, you can have it all sans the hassle!


Because beauty is skin deep

We know the best Sunday binge that will make you feel like a million dollars. Pamper yourself with body butters, skin conditioner, clay masks and lotions to revitalize your skin and nourish it with essential oils. It will leave you basking in the glory of your healthy and glowing skin.


No more beauty woes with The June Shop’s carefully selected range of sustainable cosmetic and skincare products!

- Author Pooja Nair


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