Make the Best of Your Planner

A lot can happen when you believe in ‘this year will be my year’ and give your complete dedication to the year. It becomes true. But does that mean everything will be rainbows and unicorns? Things will go downhill, but you can choose to focus on things you want to control. Embrace your growth if you plan your year right.

And you will make it this year, YOUR’s.

Evaluating the previous year is the first little step you can take to design a new year. We want to share with you some of the most amazing tools that have helped us so far in transforming our lives. Do have a look at how you can make it the best year ever.

Have A Clear Vision

Getting what you want is not a piece of cake, but having a clear vision of what you want surely is. Mapping a clear vision is an art, if you get it right. If you do not know where you are headed you will probably end up somewhere you don't really like. Here are a few ways you can set a crystal clear vision for your life and year -

  • Setting clear goals can start by picking something that you are passionate about, setting realistic goals, be specific, write the goals down, set a deadline, create reminders to meet your goals and be positive about it.

  • If you have got a little lax on your organisational activities then it is time to buckle up and get your organisation game on point.
  • Make a vision board to jot down your goals in a fun way. It not only helps you manifest all your goals but creating it is a relaxing activity.
  • Ikigai will help you find your purpose, inspire you to get out of bed every day, live a longer and happier life.

Ways to Build A Better Habit & Stay Consistent

Here’s a truth you might not like - the only way you can stick to your goals is by staying consistent. Hence, the best thing to do is to choose a habit which is super easy and you cannot say no to it. Like working out 5 minutes a day if you want to build a workout habit. It might sound laughable but is very effective. It is fine to start light because you will get an ample time to intensify the habit later. Starting small also helps us to be consistent with the habit.

Consistency and success go hand in hand. You are absolutely on the wrong side of the bridge if you are inconsistent and still expect desired results. Work towards your goals regularly. It is even better if you make it a habit. You have to replicate good habits, attitudes and behaviour every day.

Master the art of not judging yourself or even feeling guilty for not being consistent for some time. Instead, create a backup plan to keep yourself moving. It is impossible to succeed without failing even once, so here are some quick tips that might help - 

  1. Miss once but never twice, 
  2. Work on schedules rather than deadlines and 
  3. Work to build an identity.

Celebrate Small Milestones & Make Time for Things You Love

We push and criticise ourselves almost every day, but how much time do you take out to appreciate yourself and celebrate the small wins?

We mostly tend to forget to cheer ourselves up. Cherishing the little steps of our lives can make all the difference in the world. We have to be thankful to ourselves. When you start acknowledging the small steps and wins you will be encouraged to persuade your goals.

Grind, grind, grind all day makes Jim dull. Only striving for your goals and not taking out time for things will lead us to miss out on the spice. Often we get way too busy in the daily hustle-bustle that we forget to cherish the efforts we have put in and how far we have come. You might undermine yourself now, but that 16 year old you would be so proud. Furthermore, taking time out for what we love to do not only gives us short-term happiness but is also beneficial for our emotional and mental health. It helps us to be more content in our day-to-day life. You will find fulfillment in your work, and become more optimistic, happy and positive towards your goals.

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